The Benjemen Franklin effect

NOTE: To really see the post pro effects you have to click the link.

Made in 2.42 and used three render layers composited together.

-The kite layer
-The lighting and clouds layer which was blurred.
-The rain layer which was slightly blurred.

I wanted to make an image of a kite in a thunderstorm, as I was thinking of a name for it and then I thought ‘Benjemen Franklin’s kite’ and the name stuck.

Pretty Cool. But, would’nt the kite be blowing more?

And the lightning could use some work.

But still pretty good.

Em… Benjamin.

Just 'cause it sounds like ben-jur-men with a mid US accent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the spelling on google first.

That kite won’t fly with the string how it is. The string must be from the centre of the wind’s force (approx. centre of kite) and must be taut; otherwise the kite is flapping in the breeze and doesn’t look anything like that.

The lightning (as mentioned earlier) needs work.


Yeah, I agree with the above criticisms. However, nice and interesting rain effect.

That looks nice. Almost looks like it was hand painted!