The Beorn Leonard Trap

Practice is for loosers. Hang on, I mean losers.

[Read in my evil voice]
I have conceived a cunning plan to get better at animation, hopefully quite rapidly.
I will construct a cunning trap to lure the Beorn Leonard, and then I shall consume his brains to gain his mastery of animation. If McConnell’s worms can do it, I am equally capable. I have no interest in animating bouncing balls, I want to go straight to LEGO figures.

The cunning trap will be disguised as a restaurant, and the Beorn Leonard will approach from a southerly direction. The delicious treat will serve a dual purpose; firstly to distract and deceive the Beorn Leonard as to the true diabolical nature of the restaurant/trap, and secondly to alert me of his presence with a crunching sound, in case I doze off while waiting.

Once captured, the Beorn Leonard will be subdued with a belly rub, and then the brains will be prepared by my genetically engineered evil chef. I will thus circumvent the long hours of practice and become a master overnight!

If there should be a flaw to this masterplan, please point it out. I may only get one try at this.

You might need to prepare by gathering medical information concerning compatibility and round up the medications needed for preventing rejection. Other than that it seems legit. :slight_smile:

No, apparently all I have to do is eat the brains and then I get the goods. I saw it in a zombie movie.

Wanna go halves?

Ah yes, but I can’t I’m neuro-intolerant :frowning:

Very well, perhaps I can entice you in some other way? If we join forces the universe will be ours, at least until I horribly betray you.

You might also check to see if Beorn actually likes Doritos. :wink:

why not model that whole scene and animation… and you journey to the dark side will be complete :smiley:

OK, this is the creepiest thing I’ve read all day…

I refuse to believe that anyone doesn’t like Doritos, but they have been sitting there all night and have started to go soggy… You may be correct.

I can model the scene, but the thought of animating makes my brain start to smoke.

Go Doritos if you must. If your brain smokes, always take a breather outside with the trees to get sunshine and inspiration. +1 for soggy doritos.


How about we skip the betrayal, you take the universe and leave me to rule the planet?

To Be an emperor, you need an empire…

To be a king, you need an kingdom…

To be a XXXX, you need a country… [fill in the XXXX yeself sir]

To be the [word needs to be invented], ye needs a planet…


Or maybe just a megalomaniac with a cunning plan. :smiley:

Very well Blonder, you may have the planet. I have my eyes on that big one, or more specifically the dive paradise moon nearby.

Thanks for the (less than evil but still pleasant) photos kbot. I spent most of today outside fixing the chook pen fence; my evil genetically enhanced chooks use some kind of super power to escape and poo on the front door mat, enraging my overlord wife. Then I took our little minion to the park and pushed her on the swing.

Feeling refreshed, and ready to man the trap for another night. Fresh bag of Doritos deployed. Fingers crossed.

@daren - only ‘all day’? not ‘ever’? Then I must try to be more diabolical it seems…


It don’t matter if you are pinky. you build a brige and then you have to cross it.


Blonder! Where did you find my school yearbook photo?

Nothing in the trap last night either. I was watching his tutorial on CG Cookie while waiting, perhaps hearing his own voice scared him away. Getting suspicious of Doritos too, so I will change tactics. Being an Aussie, the Beorn Leonard may like pasties, so I have prepared some with my oven of doom. As with most things I do this will serve a dual purpose.
My wife is away at Evil Camp for a couple of days, and I had to make my own lunch. Being Aussie myself and living in Japan, I have procured the skill of making foods that can’t be bought here. Can you believe that a medium size pizza from Pizza Hut costs about 30 bucks?!?! I can make a bigger one for less than 10. (While that may defeat your average mad scientist, the reason I live in Japan is that there are mountains near the city I am in largely composed of volcanic ash and loose soil; easy to dig underground secret bases in and ripe with geothermal power.)

However, today is pastie day.

The pizza at pizza hut is sure delicious. Must try the specials though, I think at any time. Vege. You can make a bigger one for 10 bucks, but it tastes good too.


Manning the trap now. Extra sauce on the pastie.
Beginning to suspect that kbot’s photos are actually renders and that I am about to be sent back into the stone age with my forthcoming lame NPR offerings to BA… or perhaps that they are an attempt to convey a message such as ‘out on the farm’, or ‘i shot a crazy dog here once’, or such. I choose to take the ‘get outside for a break every now and then’ interpretation, as humans have so many local expressions that non-locals can not know. With increasingly unintelligible replies from someone with a greater post count than even carbonaceous chondrites could hope to attain, I can only hope that my wife is wrong when she says that I am really not funny at all.

(And that you are running your replies through online translators, which is great fun at bilingual events…)

AAAAAnyway, getting back to getting outside, we took the EGE chooks to the park today. Thank the gods that they didn’t eat anyone…

You can man the traps, the traps can man you. Good that the EGE chooks never ate no one, unless you wasn’t looking and no one saw.