The BEST atioglxx.dll file. Ever.

Those of you running old ATI cards or integrated laptop video chipsets rejoice. I believe I have found the best replacement for all ATI cards having the slowdown issue. It is the fastest replacement yet.

Find the oldest FireGL driver for your version of windows. It should be called FireGL 4/3/2/1. Download the “Performance driver for 3ds Max/Autodesk VIZ”

Run it.

Select the second option and extract to c:\ATI\support

It will continue from there and tell you that it has not found the FireGL chipset. Close it and go to c:\ATI\support.

You will find a file called FGLMAX.dll. Rename this file to atioglxx.dll and stick it in your Blender directory.

This fix may or maynot work with your card. It worked for my laptop’s video chipset, which is a Radeon Xpress 1100 (200M), BETTER than the one I found in the Blender wiki.

I previously used the FireGL dlls from and it worked. But when I wanted to sculpt it would get really slow at higher levels (even 100,000 polys), so I began searching for a replacement. I’ve tried new and old, both Radeon and FireGL, I believe this to be the fastest.

didn’t know about this trick… thanks!
previously, i have succesfully used the omega drivers for my toshiba.

Would it be possible for you to share this file?

Now that’s performance!
Really, I am so fucking impressed! Blender is almost twice as fast now and I can even use my custom animation layouts without slowdowns… wow :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Howitzer, you made Blender on my silly laptop feel like it’s my desktop system, woohoo!
This is even better than the nVidia driver!

Quick question. What kind of insane person are you that would make you to think using the oldest possible driver would work for something like this? And another question, what kind of insane person are you that it works perfectly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Every modern accelerator has what is called an OpenGL Reference Library. They have different names on different brands, but I have successfully done the same thing with the Wildcats at work after finding they would crash when I attempted to use the game engine.

The fix was finding out what the driver calls it’s reference library, and renaming a dll from the firegl driver. It’s a LOT slower, but it’s worked. I haven’t tried this thing on it, but I suspect it wouldn’t be much different sense the card is so different.

That and trial-and-error. I tried this after having no luck using the FireGL dlls from the newest drivers and the old (the newer dlls slowed down after a while and the older dlls weren’t much faster than the ones on the Wiki). It stuck out there with it’s file name in all caps so I tried it first.:stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I was afraid everyone knew this already. This driver has been around forever.

I know how it all works, you know, :stuck_out_tongue: I just meant about this bit.

Anyway, crazy. Nice find you have there. And that’s probably why no-one thought of them, because they’re the oldest possible drivers, so no-one figures they’ll do any good. :stuck_out_tongue:

All that does for my ati radeon9000 is force it to revert to no acceleration at all. FireGL calls aren’t compatible.

Hmm. Sorry to hear that man. But… I did say it may not work with your card.

I highly suggest you do your best to find the one best for your card. I only promised this to work with the Xpress 1100 and 200M.


Read what he said at the top of the page, you lazy bum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice find Howitzer, it doesn’t work on mine 9600, it is acctualy slowing it down.
Thanks anyway

Sorry, but I don’t think I can follow the instructions. The thing is, I use Blender from a usb-stick in school. I don’t dare to do anything with the drivers in the school computer, nor will I do it on my own computer, since I have nvidia, and driver installation might bork the whole thing. So all I basically ask is the dll. I’ll be at #blenderchat.

What kind of video card do those school machines have? I don’t believe it will work with the 9000 series.

If you follow the instructions, it won’t do anything else than extracting the files from the setup program and put them into the directory you want them to be. It does not modify or b0rk anything on your system.


Thank you!

Ok, thanks =)
I’ll try that tomorrow in school and see what happens =).
It didn’t work. Though I didn’t get any error messages, but I got the dll. It was on a fireGL 3200, but I had the dll from a fireGL 3400, which shouldn’t make a diffrence, though. Same dll probably. I am running blender from a usb-stick.

I tried it on 200M, it didn’t work. Could you tell me what your system information says? (In Blender, go to Help/System/System Information).
Under Open GL, what does it show as your renderer? What extensions does it call?
Mine says:
-Renderer: GDI Generic
-Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
-Version: 1.1.0
This means that the ATI drivers are disabled.

I have got an ATI X1150, which seems to be an only slightly updated chipset compared to yours. The updated dll works for me, but in the system-info.txt it says the same as with you, with the additional lines “Extensions: GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture”

But it is definitely running much smoother than before.

Hej då

Yeah, I get that extension too… just forgot to mention it.
The thing is, this gets around the Radeon problem by disabling the ATI drivers and reverting to some generic Microsoft drivers. Only, you’re still not getting the full benefit of your graphics card. I was wondering if Howitzer got a different result.