The best Blender Build for a Mac.

Hello all. Just a quick question, whats the best Blender 2.49b and Blender 2.5 Alpha builds for a Mac?

My Mac specifications:

It’s a Mac OSX, Version 10.6.2. THe stuff below is what I copied from the “about this mac” button.

Processor: 2 GHz Core Duo

Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

For starters I’d get the releases from as your main versions and then say try an updated build from once a week/2 weeks to see what updates there have been. There seem to be new builds every other day so difficult to keep up with everything.
For 2.49:
2.5 alpha1 -
These are both the 32bit versions since you only have 2GB ram. I have seen some definite rendering speed increases with some of the 64bit versions so may be worth giving them a go to see if you get any benefits.


How is this offtopic chat by the way? This forum is for non-Blender related stuff :stuck_out_tongue: