The best Blenders

2.49 was good
2.5 was terrible
2.69 was good and everything after that sucked.
The installer is awful.
I used to have so many version of Blender for different reasons. Now it does not allow.
Blender is not better looking nor is it easier to use. What happened to "out of the box’.
You changed buttons to properties fine that was fine but now I’m positive there is no good reason for all the changes. Just like my wife you have to move the furniture around all the time.
I install an new version and I see it say there “removing files”!!! AHHH. What has installing to do with removing? now when I click 2.7 I get 3.0. these used to be so many install options that are gone. Out of the box was great, easy,manageable,…
Ive been 2 days trying to get Blendercam and it is crazy difficult.
Blender and Firefox are more like Windows everyday. Evee is the only improvement I see. the layers and scenes were near infinite and layers only took up a tiny easy to get to space. Now my screen is covered with things that was in drop downs and info I used is gone.
If you want to make any improvements make it out of the box. Revo uninstaller does not even see Blander.
I remember when people did not want to leave XP Blender seemed more accommodating.
Well Ill go uninstall everything and start from scratch.
…I got more, Its getting funny and sad. c/programs/Bf/Blender, right there is the Blender and the Blender uninstaller in the same folder, of course it wants to uninstall 2.69 and the blender icon links to 3.0 baaahaha 2.69 is in its own folder!!
Why does Revo uninstaller not see Blender?

It took me years to stop opening the wrong door when my wife moved the trash from under the sink. That’s like Blender. I keep looking in the wrong place over and over, old dogs and new tricks. for something that did not need to be moved.

I should not be stuck on something this simple. I can not remove the new Blender it only wants to remove my favorite Blender 2.69. The only thing i can think of is just deleting the folders. So 2.8 showed up in revo and I uninstalled the new version and it removed the old version and I now have a long job to do. 2.49 was more user friendly even when you had to install python yourself. And 2.69 looks much better then 3.0

The best way to keep multiple versions is to not use any installers, but just download the “zip” versions instead. You can literally have every single version of blender in a folder this way.

We never “move the furniture” just for the sake of it. But you do usually have to move things around when you add new furniture to your house.


Revo or any other uninstaller can’t see Blender, because doesn’t depend on the windows registry to work. The installer only copies Blender software on your disk, register Blender icons, deals with .blend file extension registering to the OS and that is.

If you want to fix the borked 2.69 installation, just go to “%appdata%/Blender Foundation/” backup the 2.69 folder, uninstall all blender versions you have in your machine starting with the 2.xx series to the 3.xx series, Then reinstall the 2.69 version you like, and restore your 2.69 backup folder to it’s original position. And just use the .zip versions of the 3.xx Blender software and put them whatever you like and use them if you like and if you don’t like them, delete them at your leisure.

Since you like better the 2.69 version, why do even bother with 3.xx??. Open Source software always is evolving and that means change. People might not like it, and that’s fine too (even if madness drives those changes, mind you). You can still use what suits you, and be happy with it.