The best concert month of my life!

I can’t believe what a month march has and will be. Earlier this month I saw the very cool Groove Armada on their Lovebox tour, if anyone has the chance to go, GO, you won’t be dissapointed, last night I saw Moby who was equally as good, and tonight I’m off to see possibly my favourite group at the moment, Massive Attack. Life is good! And tomorrow there’s a music festival on that I might head off to as well. Anyone in Europe going to see Massive Attack? I’ve heard alot of their concerts are already sold out

A few years ago, I saw a Nine Inch Nails concert in New Jersey that blew my mind.
After doing a litlle net research on Trent Reznor, I think that I have to say that he is one of the most under-rated talents of our time. Probably because he is tying himself into that industrial/metal category that he does not belong to. That is just my opinion.

Saw Massive Attack last night… anyone who has the chance to see them, SEE THEM! :slight_smile: Was the most unbelievable night of my life.