The best Eames Chair

Please give me any suggestions on how to improve my Eames rendering. Thank you.


-This looks ALOT! better, I suggest spending time tweaking the edges of the foot stand where the cushion meets the edge… Also on the big chair the legs push it back a bit it seems to be a bit forward to much, it could also be the angle…Keep up the great work…

You could use a higher resolution image for the texture.
The footrest is floating, lower it down onto the floor.
You could work on the lighting a bit as well(softer shadows would look nice), try turning the lamp down and adding some Ambient Occlusion; can you post a screenshot of the setup?
Looks nice though, it’s a good looking start.

Have you checked out the wiki pages:-

P.S. - Welcome to blenderartists! (Are all you guys making Eames chairs? I have lost track already; you all have similar names)

How many bloody Eames chair threads are there? :slight_smile: Anyway…

This is funny as I actually just bought a replica one of these. My suggestions would be:

-Make the texture a bit darker
-The ottoman cushion should rest against the edge of the timber
-The edges of the ottoman could be a little higher and almost vertical
-You could add piping to the edge of the cushions
-The headrest probably could be a little smaller and the top corners are more rounded
-The armrests could come down a little
-The feet need discs on the bottom of them
-You might also want to make a different texture for the edge of the timber, so it looks laminated.

All in all, it’s looking pretty good. Keep going.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will make some changes and then repost.