The Best One There Is!

Okay, the most intriguing question of 'em all: Which is the best 3D modelling/animation/etc software? Now, I know we all love blender, but if you dont count the costs and everything, which one is the best? Maybe a few are good for this,that and the other purpose, but how about telling me which is for which?

Some possible candidates:

  1. Blender
  2. Maya
  3. 3DS Max
  4. ZBrush
  5. XSi
  6. Google Sketch Up (Little Known)
  7. Any Others

They could be judged on the basis of simplicity, quality, efficiency, etc. Awaiting your views!

Blender is for me my tool of choice, mostly because I now know enough to start making some more quality stuff with it and because I’m quite used to the interface.
I tried 3dsmax once but it just felt weird, and all the buttons and menus where like overkill and I just didn’t like the whole modifier thing, (blender edit mode just press tab, in 3dsm u need to find the edit mode modifier from a huge list in some weird menu)
I also tried mudbox once but the trial was too short for me too really get the hang of it, and I will definitly learn zbrush someday (or blender’s sculpt mode should really improve)

I havent tried any other apps (except for google ketchup but didn’t liek that cause i was too used to the whole vertice concept :p)
in the end I think there isn’t a best 3d package, its all about what gets the job done for u, and for me thats blender.
I also dont hope there will be a best 3d package 'cause if more packages try to become the best, the overall technique gets improved and we the users will benefit from that :slight_smile:

OMG. How many times can this be talked about?

right, this is poll number 1000000 on the same topic… please, new members, stop it…

Ok…sorry…lol… Can you atleast show me a thread where this has been talked about?

I will go with Play-doh. It has a simple interface, even young children can understand. The editing tools are endless and animation it easy. It can also be seamlessly integrated with real world footage. Look at Br. Bill for examples.

DO a search. What do you intend to get out of this poll?

Seriously, there is no answer. You will find that the Game industry tends to prefer one package over another. Where the film industry will prefer the opposite. People that do Product viz or Arch Viz may like a package that the film industry does not. If you are interested in a certain 3D field, you should base your search on software used for that field.

it really depends on what you want
i´ve been having a blast with my zbrush trial, its an awsome tool, but it isnt really good for modelling just sculpting and texturing.
sketchup is awsome for precision and making buildings but organic modelling isnt its strong side.
and blender is good at pretty much everything, but i´m still missing some features from zbrush and sketchup.

Which one’s better, apples or oranges?

As long as Blender has no 3DSMax GUI it won’t be the best!!!111!1oneeleven

The best 3D 'ware exists between my ears.

And yours, too.

Tha’, tha’, tha’, that’s all, folks

Blender because the interface doesn’t suck.

It varies to person to person.