The best PPC Program?

Obviously you’re going to say adsense, but seeing that you have to be 18 (and they verify with your SSN) so that’s not going to happen.

What do sites like Myspace/Facebook use, when they display flash ads? How does BA shoe graphical ads through adsense? I really want to display catchy flash/graphical ads, what provider should I go through? (I’d prefer if I got payment through paypal, if not, whatever)

Anyone know?

Thank god for ad blockers.

You should also start playing a midi tune when the web page loads.

You realize most people don’t use ad blockers? Using chitika I’ve made a lot of money already =) (it’s like .11 a click :P)

But reading online, graphical banners have a better success rate.

I don’t have anything against ads but if I go to a site I don’t appreciate being subjected to distracting flashing images, popups or irritating/crappy ‘music’ thank you very much.
First I’ll not click the ads on principle, even if its the worlds best offer and secondly I’ll not be returning.


Flash based ads are the reason I block ads…

FINE, forget the fricken flash ads. How about banners…

I didn’t come to ask your opinions, I asked for advice… the site I need them for was just registered about 4 days ago, and I get over 200 visitors a day (w00t w00t) It’s an iPhone site, so it’s going to get [very] big (i hope)

Out of those 200 I got 25 people to click on text ads, but according to many official ad reporting sites graphical ads have a 15% better response rate (especially when targeted to the right crowds)

So please ignore the flash ads and just point me in the direction of either a CPC service or CPM service for graphical ads.

Thanks =)

Ok. Banners are good.

I don’t mind ads, unless they do make a sound or show something that’s not safe for work.

But I’ll try to be the odd man out and actually help you you here. (thanks for your video Killer, to bad the nurse caught you)
Article on options other than adsense

If you don’t want to read all that, I think the main thing your looking for is:

“The other option that you can use on your website is the other pay per click programs such as Bidvertiser or Adbrite. These are both programs that work in a similar way to Google AdSense in that they pay you every time a visitor clicks on one of their ads on your site. So if Google doesn’t suit you, then perhaps one of these programs might.”

So there you go.