the best soloution for games and blend files host

70 megs & unlimited BW


and i have heared that there is a program called mail to server or
mail2server or something not far

it makes the attached file in Email downloadable by everyone, like a hyper link

hope that is useefull

good luck and happy blending
and like confuse says meaw meaw …

يا الله يا شباب, شو رأيكم بالمواقع ؟

i’m writing in Arabic

i have said

how have you saw the sites ?

ok i have forgot something

i have written 3 books about blender GE in arabic language if you wish me to transelate to ENGLISH i’m ready

C 1 of them here

It would be great if you translate these books into english (spanish would be the best :smiley: ) Thank you.