The best use for blender ge ever!!!

Okay so I set up this scene that’s a dark spooky hallway and when you get to the end a spider pops up and makes a scream noise! so I desided to test it on my brother :evilgrin:

I might post the .blend latter so someone else can use it like I did muahaha! xD

Way to keep blender in the family :wink:

Pretty evil…

no… it’s just brotherly love :evilgrin:

Yeah, in a twisted, quite entertaining way. :wink:

LOL FUNNNYYY I want the .blend so I can scare my bro! ah ah ah! nice job!

I can scare my 2nd cousins… It wouldn’t work on my brother.

okay here’s the .blend! just to let you know I whipped this together in like 10 minutes so it’s pretty simple… don’t be disapoined xD

hold W to go forward

PS. if you have a camera film it! I wana see if it works for you guys xD