The best way to connect two mesh like this?

Hello guys,
im stuck at this i need to connect this shape together.

Im need to do this part.
1 COMPLEX.blend (769.4 KB)
Thank you very much.

I would do 2 solid pieces then a boolean operation in order to merge the two :slight_smile:

I tried it but the result was weird.
Can you show it to me and send me the blendfile. please?
Thank you.

you could do it that way. I just realize that it’s flat on the top but you can easily scale on the Z axis. For the circle, use the LoopTools addon then select the edge loop and left click > LoopTools > Circle.


Yup. This is the way I would have tackled it!

Thank you but how to do it the hole (half of cylinder) need to be in start of cylinder not on the middle :confused: as you can see on the image

do you have another picture of the object?

Here is hope you see better : )

so maybe something like this (still not clear to me):

Thank you for help.After many attempts already got it.

oh ok, I am still not sure what is the real shape ah ah

I see that you worked it out but I’ll write it any way.

  1. Add cylinders.
  2. Aling both in the shape desired. Meaning you can intersect them if you want.
  3. If they are two sperate objects, make them a one object consisting of both cylinders by selecting then right click then choose join.
  4. In edit mode press A to select all, then press Ctrl + F and select intersect knife, select self intersect.
  5. Mark them as seams, for later texturing purposes.
  6. Delete the inside faces of the new mesh.