The best way to make an enemy

hi all im making an FPS and i just want a tutorial or something to tell me how to make an efficient, non framerate stealing way of making an enemy with AI

EDIT: also, I want to know how to make an FPS camera not go past the direct top and bottom of the view if u no wt i mean.

Dude, AI is an art - theres no specific way to make it. really all you need is a block that goes in one direction with ray sensors to keep it from bumping into things, and thats pretty much it if you want to make something simple.

here’s a very good help tutorials by Mmph!:

red hand, im not creating just any willy nilly game. I want proper A.I that as well doesnt shave a single frame of the fr!!!

Impossible. AI will always steal from framerates, most of the time it is unnoticeable but it will happen. Proper AI will need to be coded, so learn Python. Otherwise, listen to what everyone else said.

There is no way to make an AI design that won’t drop your framerate by at least a little bit. Sorry, but that’s the cold truth.


Find out how to program A* Algorithms in Python, thats going to be your easiest to do without killing framerates.

ermm no thanks lol well now that ive been blasted with the whole framerate thing does anyone want to help me?

Nope you dont NEED python for that. You can make AI from logic bricks. Look for simple AI by Mmph!. By modifying it abit, it will be very effective.

Didn’t you hear him though, he wasn’t making a willy nilly game, those examples weren’t good enough! :cool:

sarcasm eh? aw well, no body has answered my other question yet. it seems like nobody ever gets there questions answered answered in threads these days sigh


you cant expect people to take you seriously when you ask your question the way you did. All of you people who come on here asking questions like this need to chill out. If making games was so easy, we’d all be doing it. It takes years to get to the level of making great AI. BLender does a good job of giving you the tools you need, and you were given help. Read the link, i bet you didnt even look at it. How do you think others made great games with bge? they tried, and tried again. You’re not going to get it right the first time around. Chill out and just play with the engine, see what works and what doesn’t. Thats the best way to learn. What works for some, may not work for you.

AI tutorials and scripts:

Mmph and pOOf’s AI script:

Autonomous bots without python:

A huge file filled with AI scripts and other useful scripts for an RTS:

Cyborg Dragon’s logic brick solution:

A* algorithm:

I’m going to be pretty angry if I have to post this again. Just do some searches, make some conclusions and you’ll have a whole list of AI scripts done for you, just stop asking for them. Please.

A* will be perfect for your racing game.

well then, thank YOU very much. i was HELPED!

Dude u cant make a game that easily u got to start with something simple.
So u get the experience u knw wt i mean.