the best way to position a character

Hi, I’m wondering about a thing related to character modelling and posing. If you are modelling a static character(not for animation, but for still) is the best way to get it in position by modelling it in the position for example sitting on a chair or is it modelling the character, then rig it and move the bones to position it right?


If you’re really not intending to animate or re-pose your character, then I would say an armature, etc, is really just an added complication. Armatures and rigging are for animation. If you are just making a sculpture or a rendered still, you will probably have more control if you just model the position exactly as you want it.

If you want the freedom to adjust your character’s pose after modeling, then you need to rig it. So it all depends what you want to do. Do you want a puppet, or do you want a marble statue?

Also, if you’re modeling just for a still, and you know exactly what the framing will be, then you’re better off just modeling the part that will be rendered. Basically, all modeling and rigging and armature creation is work. Don’t do work you don’t need to do.

I would say adding an armatures the best way to go. If you model the character the way you want, What happens if you want to try a few different poses? Adding Amatures might add a little time but a simple rig with bone heat as a weight paint would be my best guess for going what you want to do. I am no professional, but that is what I would do.

Thanks to you both, for the answers :smiley: