The best way to spend 50 seconds

A co worker sent me this link while I was on lunch.
Not sure what you will think…but it made my day!!!

Am still laughing!!

Cudos to this guy!!!

ahahah rolflmao tnx for sharing xD ha! :stuck_out_tongue:


Why did it remove the CAPS?

Not sure about the caps thing, but glad everyone enjoyed the clip.
I still am :slight_smile:

I know about the caps thing. You can’t have all caps in a post. It ‘sounds rude’.

But I haven’t visited the link yet… Is it a video?

Indeed, a rather funny one. I’ve moved on to looking at as of late.

Yeah some sort of humorous. I almost peed at my pants. LOL. but it’s good thing that occasionally we have some sort of fun, no need to concentrate too much on your work or you’ll end up a grumpy old man.