The big bad black knight

Hello all,

it is my first post here, but I’ve been lurking these forums anonymously for a while. I’ve played around with Blender for almost a decade now, and I am more and more into it!

I would like to introduce myself with a finished project, so you guys get to see something. There is quite a bit I’d like to share, we’ll see if you guys like it :smiley:
All feedback is very welcome, I’d love to discuss with you guys, digital art can feel lonely at times…

Background: In a not-so distant future, a group of free minded individuals decide to get into a centuries-long voyage towards a potentially habitable planet, aboard a ship-world. On the way, cybernetisation quickly becomes a central topic as an alternative to classic sleep pods. Our friend in the picture leads the hardcore faction and went all the way in cybernetisation, as it shows. He divides; his violent and autocratic tendencies are only appreciated by the hardliners, but his immense power makes him to go-to guy for anything fishy happening aboard the ship.

Credits: I have used several CC0 assets from sketchfab.
Axe from Arms museum on sketchfab
Pistol from Malopolska museum

Inspiration: For anyone having read the Metabarons, it will bear obvious ressemblance. All hail to Jodorowsky and Gimenez. I also tried to get a dark feeling inspired by Berserk.

The sword, Praxis (the design comes from the Meta-barons, I only did it in 3D)

In green, liked it less

Spoiler: he was looking like that before his full transformation

Earlier renders, testing procedural shaders (NB: the moon and the material are all nodes, no textures. I was still believing I could make it through Nodevember at the time :smiley: )

Some more procedural non-sense

His kitbashed foot

Ugly render, but you can see the full model

Hope you like it!

I’d like to post more here in the future, but in the meantime, you can always visit my instagram profile holding almost all my current works
Denis Gauder Instagram profile


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


That’s awesome! Thanks for the reception on the forums, this all goes a long way in encouraging me to do more and better :heart:


You’re on the #featured row! :+1: