THE BIG BANG (For starships, I mean)

Hey, everyone. Here’s the deal:

I need a starship to smash into a plane and have pieces of the ship flying off, the plane being dented, and possibly some explosions.

Any ideas?

Thanks! %|

Ship: Dupliverted particles of metal rubble. Or hand-animated pieces of mesh with hooks etc.

Dent: Vertex keys or two planes that switch layers.

Explosion: Particles with RGBA IPOs.

also, if you get one of the recent testing builds, there’s an ‘explode mesh’ effect that is quite handy. additionally there’s a script that does the same thing in the python and plugin forums. these combined with a particle explosion will produce some nice results. if you need help with particles, look for michaels blends on the web, and download some of his FX blends. most of them are a bit outdated, but explosions are basically the same. we do have an RGB ipo for particles now though, which can make your particles turn from orange to red to black, ( or whatever colors ) as they live out their brief lives. good luck.
<edit> btw nobody masters particles overnight, so be patient