The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

wasn’t there some thing like this that was supposed to be implemented in retopoflow. patch quadrangulation type thing like the one in topogun

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I haven’t read thru the entire thread yet, is Sculpt Layers being worked on at all? This is the only feature I really need to use Blender for sculpting.

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It’s on the workboard but not in development yet


Nice! Glad to know it’s on their radar at least.




So, has anyone checked out the new hair sculpting in the 3.3 alpha? Combined with some geometry nodes, it looks like it’s going to be my new favorite way of doing chonky stylized hair. No more pushing around curve points, it’s all sculpting baby :sunglasses:

But I do need some single strand automasking option ;(

Here’s a demo .blend file:
StylizedHairCurvesDemo.blend (786.8 KB)


Looks like fun…
No surface collision yet apparently…?:thinking:


Not yet but someone is working on it.


This is pretty cool. I am wondering if hand animating strand hair would be possible now especially if surface collision becomes a thing.

Can the sculpting strand hair be keyframed in 3.3?


I couldn’t find any way to keyframe the hair curves. There’s not a lot you can do with it right now. I can’t even convert it to a mesh…

BTW: I’ve uploaded a demo .blend file to my previous post, since I didn’t really explain how I did that stuff.


You can always duplicate the hair, transfer the position attribute, and use it as a shape key in geo node.

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Still no insert multi mesh brush ?

Also will remesh support symmetry when it’s activated without more workflow steps switching to object and using some mirror modifier before switching back to sculpt mode ?

I’m afraid not…
I guess sculpt dev is not a priority right now… it’s all about painting, it seems… :thinking:

What about symmetrize? :thinking:


When i look at some videos people sculpting in Blender and doing so much switching between object mode and sculpt mode then use join then remesh, mainly for blocking all shapes.
While this could be so faster and smooth workflow using insert multi mesh and be able to create your own multi mesh library.

This could perhaps be simple and onlh scripting i don’t know, but that’s a feature that brings a lot to workflow like in 3D coat or Zbrush.


Yeah… we’ve been asking for insert mesh brush for years…
Dobarro almost did it… See:

Too bad it never moved forward…
It would be nice if the sculpting module had more devs working on the basic stuff like this…


Ok. Hoping the devs consider adding keyframing sculpt hair. That would be awesome.

Thanks for the file :+1:

@aryeramaty I kinda feel keyframing the hair would be better than using shapekeys. While shapekeys are good. Keyframing the haircurves allows for more freedom in creating realistic hair movements like the way hair is animated in 2d animation for example and more flexible control.

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I think this depends highly on the use case.

If you are animating, keyframing hair would be of course more usefully.
But if you are interested on character platforms and want easily adjustable third-party hair, than shape-keys are the king.

Best would be of course having both. Keyframing and shapekeying hair, but I guess we will none of both :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be nice if any one area of Blender had just enough devs working on it.


Issue is perhaps people choosing what to priorize in Blender sculpt mode are not using Zbrush,3D Coat, Nomad and other sculpting apps, so they don’t know what is fast fluid sculpting workflow.
And they don’t watch people doing long sculpting videos in Blender to understand they waste too much time in small steps that should not be compared to other sculpting apps.

Has the sculpting team in Blender grown ?
We should do a kickstarter to bring enhance Blender sculpting :rofl:

Before adding MM to Blender if it would happen, why not just some Insert primitives brush, adding some high resolution sphere or cube we can move, rotate, scale, then sculpt ?

I think what is lacking first is managing different objects directly in sculpt mode without having to switch to object more and manage collections. Some sort of panel to quickly select objects and merge or substract between objects, similar to Zbrush but perhaps better.

I know in Zbrush better use polygroups to quickly select your different objects, but still some panel for objects working only for sculpting mode would be great.

Until workflow improves, this is why people sculpting a lot will stay with Zbrush and 3D Coat as they can work faster sometimes.


Sure… but the point is, most areas of blender are more or less well covered by full time devs already, unlike the sculpt mode…

Good question… :thinking: but I guess nah…

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