The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

I agree here - but still like to destroy as much as I create, I’m like that with paint, too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hell yeah.

Witchcraft is needed for that. :wink:


Blender Today mentioned that Pablo plans to make Texture Paint like Krita + Substance Painter.



This will be bad news for 3D Coat. The core of 3D Coat’a appeal is in the texture painting and retopology tools, with the sculpting coming in third. If Blender matches or surpasses all three of those, I don’t know how 3DC (already fairly niche) will compete.

heheh yes mind blown.

The easiest to use will always have it’s place. 3DC has nothing to fear. :wink:


Sort of, 3DC is still a bit convoluted, same with Blender. Blender brings a lot more to the table and for free, where as you are looking at $375 for a 3D Coat license, and paid upgrades between major versions. A lot of 3DC users dealt with the bugs and rough UI simply because there were too few solid alternatives.

The major appeal with 3D coat was for the hand painted texturing work a some artist are known for. 3DC had a bit of a monopoly going with that kind of painting work, as nothing else really came close. For retopology, topo gun and other dedicated retopology tools exist, and within major applications be it maya or modo, the retopology tools simply have improved drastically. This was another area 3D Coat relied on when it came to customer appeal.

Now with Blender you are getting almost everything 3D coat was being used for, and with more options thrown in for no cost to the user. For example, mimicking the substance designer workflow with nodes. More detailed boolean workflows. Modifiers.

I don’t think it is as simple as “the easiest to use” anymore, as they are not far apart from one another.

It seems to me any competitor not taking Blender seriously is taking a big risk of getting caught with their pants down.

It’s a shame this talk doesn’t seem to be uploaded. I watched it on the livestream and it was one of my favorites. Anyway the talk had a lot of data showing the amount of growth Blender is getting. And it still seems to be growing.


I feel you man. But damn, ff there’s one thing that blender is really, really good at, is to make things hard to use. So dunno. We shall see, we shall see…


To some extent, you are right. 2.8 did a lot to change that though. Just having an industry standard keymap did wonders for the software. Thankfully the UX is often a low hanging fruit that can be addressed at any time.


Not sure I agree. Only took me a few weeks to feel very comfortable in the program coming from Max, once I got my head around a few Blender-centric concepts :wink:


Coming from Max as well (actually working with it for 20 years now) I haven’t switched to Blender yet for all tasks, though I’m trying bit by bit to get into it. At work we still use Max, so it won’t go away for now, but we are prepared for the worst case, with Autodesk’s current antics going on. Funnily enough Blender felt much more accessible to me once I’ve changed the hotkeys for the viewport navigation to Max’ keys, which have become second nature to me over two decades.


Heh, same here. The only hotkeys left from my Max days are the viewport navigation keys “T” and “F”. Moving the hand from Mouse to Numpad in order to change the viewport like Blender does by default just seems silly.

I included a lot of slide photos in part 3 of my BCon19 impressions for BlenderNation:

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After all of my Blender vs. ZBrush babble I thought it was fair to revisit ZBrush and do some comparative tests, especially between Dyntopo and Sculptris Pro. I have to admit Sculptris Pro works a lot more fluid than Dyntopo.

To be honest I’m actually rediscovering ZBrush a bit now. Despite the quirky UI with the tiny sliders, there’s still a lot in there that works more intuitive than Blender’s Sculpt Mode. Of course Blender is complete in just about every area, but in the sculpting area ZBrush is still the king, I can’t deny that. Deformation ➔ Polish, the volume-preserving smoothing brush mode, all kinds of masking tools, Clip / Trim / Slice brushes, extensive polygroups toolset, Remesh By Boolean, Alt + click on a normal to align the transform gizmo, there’s a lot of sculpt tool candy in there. But, having said that, I do miss Blender’s 2D Falloff, Elastic Deform and Pose Brush.


On the plus side, with the money coming in to the Blender development fund, they might be able to hire the 3d Coat devs should it become unsustainable :slight_smile:

But yes, as Blender greatly improves on many areas given the massively increased funding, it seems clear that a lot of 3d software from smaller companies will be the first to feel it. I have to say that 3d Coat is amazing based upon what I’ve seen given that the amount of developers seem very small.

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Same mate. 15 years on Max, but still on it day to day for work, 2.80 for fun and futureproofing. :laughing:
Strangely enough(or not so strange because I use UE4/Toolbag/Substance/the very odd time Maya) I actually have been using Blender with Maya Alt-centric navigation.
And even more strange, just today I decided to bite the bullet and dive into Blender sculpting properly so I’ve changed my Blender nav to be the same as…Zbrush right-click nav. :crazy_face:
It’s the only way I could sculpt in Blender, but it actually works out great because I’n already used to using right-click as orbit from doing non-sculpting mouse tasks in Zbrush.

I pretty much stick to standard 2.80 hotkeys except for 1 or 2, but I use the handy snap to ortho feature because that’s how I’ve been doing it for years in Max with a script.

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I don’t believe it!! On the very same day that I’ve decided to go hardcore and learn sculpting in Blender. :laughing: I even changed my whole Blender navigation system, just today, to mimic Zbrush right-click nav.


:grin::grin::grin: How could you be so insensitive to your old friend ZBrush? Ofer will turn his back on you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe it’s a consequence of three days of Blender overkill (yes, I didn’t know that was possible :grin:) at the Blender Conference that made me need a break from Blender.


@Musashidan Next step: rediscover 3ds Max? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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