The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

I use the curve option for brushes a lot like extrude along a curve, the “object” curve when i used it is mainly to quickly make volume.
All programs have bugs and old bugs also, i was just saying some Blender basic brushes could be better.


Just an 2.9 alpha fun doodle.



Those tweets are relatively old.
Blur was renamed Smooth. By using pie-menu, you can smooth/sharpen mask.

The idea of vertex painting, in sculpt mode, has grown as a complete refactor of vertex color painting.
Pablo did work for that as patches.
Brecht will judge how first milestone should end-up in Blender for 2.90.

So, currently, there is no masking based on dirty vertex color.

Since those tweets, Pablo also developed concept of Face Sets.
So, the rest is available for Face Sets (creation by normals and selectability).
And you have ability to divert it as a mask by isolating Face Set and using Fill Mask operator.

Yeah, I’ve seen you can use pie menu, bug dragging left/right had more control.
Mask filters don’t seem to be there
Mask by normal now that I pay more attention looks like it’s shift alt A, but I thought it was simple doing the inverse of Shift A, looks like apart from doing a inverse mask it might calculate diferently as well…
Thanks for the info!

OK. I see what you mean. Pie-menu items are mask filters.
That is identifier to use to create a specific shortcut for them.
But yes. There is no ability to have same smooth dragging than for Mask Expand operator.

Shift A, Shift Alt A and Shift W are corresponding to same operator with different options enabled.

But you should take a look to Face Sets and Face Set menu.
There is ability to use Init Face Sets by Normals. It is very efficient.

One of the developers of Dust3D has put the code from libigl, CoMISo and libQEx to a single repository, these can be used to get some Quad meshes, does anyone know of they could be implemented into Blender? The developer mentioned that this remesher doesn’t produce articfacts like Quadriflow

(image from the Dust3D site:

the topology flow shown in the picture looks really iffy. especially the arms look “unsculptable”.


vertex color ready to land


Finally! Been waiting for so many weeks to test this feature that I started to become anxious. The most exciting sculpt development since MultiRes started getting some serious development. :partying_face:


Similar to Quadriflow, this method would be used when the topology doesn’t need to be perfect and you just want to sculpt with multires.
There might be a way to control the edge flow of the topology by using guides and having the algorithm follow those guides


I would prefer that QuadriFlow gets some fixes. Here, experiments showed that QuadriFlow generates non manifold geometry. Especially on symmetry axis. It also only uses one core. Its unnescesarly slow on a machine with does have more then one core.
There is currently no way to control topology. You could draw hint lines in InstantMeshes, might something like that be possible with QuadriFlow in future?


Brecht made a TO DO-list for 2.90 improvements involving vertex painting and Sculpt Mode. This involves adding support for the feature to MultiRes.


Theres this for Quadriflow gudies but Pablo doesnt seem too sure if it will work alright:


topology does not to be perfect, but there still has to be some sense in the flow of the polygons. such criss crossing as seen in the picture will lead to issues when scultping. this can be somewhat compensated with even higher subdivision (usually higher as would be needed), but it will never feel right or comfortable to sculpt on.


TFW no sculpt layers on the roadmap. :sob: See you in 2022 I guess.

Nothing in the roadmap would block someone from suddenly appearing on the developer site with a patch adding sculpt layers. Besides that, the Multires item could mean a number of things since it is not specific.

There’s only so many people on Blender’s sculpt module (they could perhaps put a special emphasis on layers, but should that come at a cost of other pressing things like brush management)?

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I’d sacrifice cloth features and vertex paint to get sculpt layers but the community would burn me at the stake for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a lot of people would rather see further work on the cloth brush suspended in favor of sculpt layers. The brush already looks pretty decent for a number of things while layers does not even exist.


Seriously, no.
Brush management is the most urgent task.
It concerns all sculpt & paint modes.
I don’t understand why that is put as the last target.

Pablo added 1 third of brushes that we have, now in sculpt mode.
He will add to that brushes for vertex paint in sculpt mode.
We will pass from 27 brushes to more than 30.
And that is just the amount of brushes by default.

Users will easily triple this amount by adding their custom brushes.

  • The ones for dyntopo or voxel workflow different than the ones for multires.
  • The slight variants from default ones for particular cases.
  • And the textured ones.

We will have to continue to deal with an hundred of brushes without a decent brush management UI by default, until next year.


And a Dyntopo update with multi-threading and support for all brushes.