The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)


Yeah, these statechange couplings within the undo steps really hurt and not just there. :scream_cat:


Yes… And if it is in the default cube you have to discard the UV warning a lot XP

Mine, I have put them on the drive in case you want to play with them.

Damian Winnichenko made other similarities


Thanks @wevon !


For those of you who miss the extended Voxel Remesh modifier, here’s an add-on to soothe your trauma. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can do pretty much any type of baking you want with nodes or custom OSL scripts. The color management system makes it pretty confusing however; I’m always forgetting which settings to use for which baking scenarios.

I’m hoping to have time in the next few months to tackle some of this stuff. To start with I want to make an add-on with a new, easier to use baking UI.


Great news, I don’t know if this could help but I’ve ““updated”” the script that @DamianoOriti did to bake tangent space vector displacement to vertex colors too, other than the script he overridden local in the Displace Modifier to work as Tangent Space, now you can install it as addon it creates a button in the object data tab in properties. (4.8 KB)
And you have the DisplacementBake in the ShaderNodesExtra from @nudelZ too


The new overlay “Flash on Mode Transfer” is in alpha now!

Commit >


Good to know it can be turned off… :relieved:

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Yes, the devs are spoiling us with all those fancy on/off checkboxes all over Blender.


Texture and Mask Texture overlays are still there whatever brush texture mapping is used.
They were just moved to Cursor subpanel of Brush panel.

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This is huge

The first of the big performance optimizations from Joseph has landed in master.

This concerns multires sculpting, the video shows that just this commit makes a major difference in sculpting performance on a high resolution mesh. This is just a fraction of the work he has been doing on the core of Blender’s sculpting, so more big improvements should be coming especially for Dyntopo (as seen in his branch).


With a 30 millions poly subdiv model, the clay brush is 2x faster.


Was not this supposed to be in 2.92?

No, that’s the Mesh Fairing operation in Edit Face Sets, I was referring to the Sculpt Dev build’s Fairing brush, which uses the same technique but applied by brushing.


The Smooth brush (using other brushes) is also bugged, as it doesn’t consider the current radius, but still uses its own size.


I can’t see or feel any improvement… It is in master already?

Are you sure you did not deactivate Use Unified Radius button, at the right of Radius slider ?

It’s deactive, in fact I consider this to be a bug since it should use your current brush radius, unless you want to change brush to Smooth every time when you want to adjust something, or change radius constantly when switching brushes.

Or when you hold down shift, it should show the Smooth brush parameters, so that I know which brush I’m actually using.