The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

Since the last sculpt-dev from april, I thought that shift smoothing was broken, because it felt like it was applying 100% strength all the time. Turns out it’s a new “Smooth Strength” slider in the Options panel (the one next to Remesh and Dyntopo).

What is that for? To have a different smooth strength when doing it with shift or the smooth brush? The tooltop says it’s a factor and it goes up to 2, so if it’s set to 1, then it should have the same strength as the smooth brush? Doesn’t feel like that to me.

Also, anyone know what the new (?) Symmetrize brush does? Seems obvious from the name, but it’s not doing anything.


Ah, that explains it, thanks. I was doubting my memory when I encountered the Smooth brush strength issue.

OK. I stupidly tried to compile temp_bmesh_branch for linux that way, before realizing that several people already tried and failed.

Take a look to debug panel of failed building. Name of branch refusing to build it exposed there.

I guess, so. But deformation method is still dependent of active smooth brush.
I would prefer to specify a brush name. Set a brush with a defined method for alternative smoothing and use other brushes, with other methods for specific cases.

You need a symmetrical mesh topology. (Kind of mesh you are obtaining after using Symmetrize operator.)
You can distort that mesh using all brushes to make it asymmetrical.
At that moment, Symmetrize brush can be used to restore symmetry.
But, that implies to avoid to make a remeshing between use of Symmetrize operator and use of Symmetrize brush.
So, it could be interesting for a multires workflow. But it does not work with multires modifier, yet.


Great job… :sunglasses:

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Thanks! :+1:

Anyone can start a build to update a branch whenever you think it’s appropriate.

Just… a…humble conspiracy… Autodesk goons will make infinite build trigger script and off it goes. :laughing: :rofl:


The buildbot info should not reach evil people! :wink:

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It might be helpful for the BF to limit such a feature to a list of trusted individuals.

The reason is because of the general fact that there are people who can and will abuse any feature that provides any kind of power to users (in which the ability to kick the bot is no exception). This truth has thousands of actual cases over the last 20 years to back it up.


I have been testing a bit of highpoly sculpting with multires,i have reached 88 million faces and performance was fine, not as good as zbrush of course but is impressive how much can handle this. But i noticed that the first click in the mesh and switching between modes is really slow


I’m still amazed on the rare occasion I can get over 700,000 without crashing in 3.0

I started with 86.000 faces and made 5 subdivisions with multires, i think you have to start subdividing as low as you can to go highpoly. Because in other try i started subdividing with 1 million and it was way slower even in the first subdiv

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This has been my experience as well, starting with a low-ish basemesh (under 100k works best for me) gives the best performance with multires.

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Multires works best with the lowest polycount quads you can use. Using face set is a limitation because they don’t work with multires in higher subdivisions at the moment otherwise you can use it to hide other parts while working on an area of interest which also helps improve performance with the multires too.

I am wondering if there is an addon one can use to convert face sets to vertex colors especially if you want to use vertex color as id maps. Of course this can be done maually using sculpt vertex colors but with face set conversion that is just way faster especially if the id colors are many?

Next chapter: non-destructive sculpting…

Here’s a Blender Artists thread about the upcoming SDF Edit tool:


Initiated a new Sculpt Dev branch build after Pablo merged it with the latest Master build.

You can download it from the Experimental Builds page again.

The build took 1 hour and 20 minutes this time. :sweat_smile: After compiling, an extensive automatic test of several Blender and Cycles functions follows, which is in its turn followed by more stages, like packaging and uploading.


the dyntopo branch is already merge there i guess?

You’ll be able to use custom attributes for this. I just submitted a patch for that, hopefully it won’t take too long for the geometry node devs to review it. I’m not completely sure I did it right; when I tested it I couldn’t get it to work in cycles directly, I had to copy it to a custom attribute via the attribute conversion geometry node.


Not yet. :slight_smile:


hey nice to see you here, hey how is going the development of the new dyntopo improvements so far? also is there or will be new features in the new dyntopo btw?

I didn’t know this was possible.

There should be like Zbrush and 3D Coat some panel for different strokes options, not hidden in sub menus.