The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

A better and faster way to select and swap out brush alphas would be great too. Fun fact the more polys an objest has the longer it takes to swap out an alpha/texture. That is soo weird and annoying.


Is it the same in sculpt-dev? Because the performance especially in Eevee (material preview) mode is night & day. Painting few M mesh is completely smooth now.
This super fast vcols painting & sculpting is what I would exchange for all the other new stuff, I really hope it will make it into 3.2 (with the support of Face Corner painting, quick-select masking and other basic features from V. Paint mode).

Nice: MagicaCSG inside Blender!


Do you actually know exactly which developers broke those elementary features and exactly which developers are working on the experimental paint features? Unlike the industry standard apps, you can actually know these things if you want to keep track of exactly which developers are doing what.


That is not the case.
Those addons are just about giving a simple UI and a more efficient UX to what is possible since introduction of OpenVDB remeshing abilities as a modifier in 2.83.

That is not advanced stuff. That is just basemesh modeling.
That is not stuff from core team of Blender Development. That comes from community add-ons writers.



This can easily be done in Zbrush has even more easy way using the “insert mesh” brush and you have even more precise results using complex object.
Blender just need same intuitive fast to use “insert mesh” and it’s features, for better workflow.


Is there a way to freely move the transform gizmo? I use the Set Pivot under cursor or mask border most of the time but that is still not good enough in some cases.

I did it in 2021 but it was so jank I never released the blend file :rofl:

From what read about marching cubes in the past 5 minutes, it seems it is a algorithm to get rid of the “cubiness” visible in my method


Yeah, Marching Cubes is a voxel interpolation algorithm originally developed to beautify voxel-based medical 3D scans. It’s also present in MagicaVoxel, where the result looks like chamfered low-polygon 3D geometry.

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Except Set Pivot under Cursor, the only precise other way is Pivot to Active Vertex.
That is requiring to set up a shortcut to be able to point an active vertex with pointer, at same time.

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Yeah man, I can’t stress enough how important this is…
Dobarro was on it tho image too bad he’s not around anymore…

But ofc, the “Show gizmo while transforming” trouble needs to be fixed first… :wink:


Go into object mode and set Transform Pivot Point to 3D Cursor in those transform dropdown menus at the top of the viewport. I think there’s also a pie menu for that, but I don’t know what key :stuck_out_tongue:

Now in sculpt mode, the transform gizmo can be placed like the 3D Cursor, with Shift+RightClick (hold it to drag the gizmo around).
Go into keybindings, find Set 3D Cursor and disable surface project to retain sanity while placing the gizmo. Maybe also change the binding to something better than shift right click :stuck_out_tongue:

Note that with surface project disabled, it’s going to place the cursor by guessing the depth under the mouse and that can be wonky, so it’s best to place it in the orthographic side/front/top views.


This is new to me, I didn’t knew it has to be set to 3D Cursor for the gizmo to work properly, thanks for the tip!

The shortcut for the Pivot Point pie menu is the . key, and it also works in Sculpt Mode (I just realized that while trying your suggestion hehe), so no need to go to Object Mode first.


Yeah, it’s not exactly a documented feature, I just figured it out by chance. I don’t get why the “sculpt pivot” is apparently a separate thing from the 3D cursor. If you don’t set that transform option, they can be in two separate places o.O

Anyway… another nice thing is that snapping works with it too, so if you enable snapping to volume you can get this:

It snaps to the center of the volume, really nice for finger posing.


Then I think we definitely need these options available for sculpt mode as well…


Yes indeed - we should communicate that with the devs.


How can I move the gizmo without moving the mesh? I tryied Shift+RightClick but nothing happend.

I don’t know about that. Those options have no uses in sculpt mode except for this hacky workaround for the pivot point. Maybe only put them into the bar of the transform tool, where the “orientation” dropdown is? But that’s still hacky…

The best option would be to design a dedicated “sculpt transform” tool, because those other tools seem to be made for polymodeling, not sculpting.

@Idea_Mutante go into object mode and set the transform pivot to 3D cursor.


Well, I don’t know if it’s hacky or not, but those options are definitely needed to properly use the transform brushes, so IMO they should be in sculpt mode.

I never used those brushes until I saw your post, mainly because there was no apparent way to position the transform gizmo and never occurred to me that some options from Object Mode would affect that, seems counterintuitive to have to be jumping between both modes just to position the cursor for the transform gizmo…