The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

Not all of them are really useful.

The orientation is already present when a transform tool is active.
In sculpt mode, you don’t move a specific element as a selection but a bunch of faces, vertices delimited by mask or face set.
So, there is no real use for snapping options.

Only pivot point switch would make sense.
But options should be different than in object mode or edit mode.
Because selection is different in Sculpt mode. (Individual Origins or Active Element would make no sense).
And if 3D Cursor is used, that implies to make 3D Cursor visible in Sculpt mode.
But yes, probably some options to move freely pivot would be welcomed.


Did you set your pivot point (with “.”) to 3d cursor?

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Yes but when I move the gizmo the mesh also move, so I position the 3D cursor with the options in the view panel.

You don’t move the gizmo, you move the “invisible” 3d cursor (shift + right click and drag)…

I gave up on this technique long ago tho, it’s just too much pain in the a$$… lol…
Sometimes when I want to move the gizmo I just brute force it by masking everything and move the gizmo freely where I want… still a pain in the butt, but sometimes it’s faster…

The end of this nightmare is on this task:


2022-4-20 Sculpt/Texture/Paint Module Meeting - Blender Development / Meetings - Blender Developer Talk


I got an answer from Julien Kaspar on about the gizmo and pivot point options for sculpt mode:

As other have pointed out here, apparently is not just about UI changes. I stand corrected, transform brushes still need a lot more work to be fully functional.


PBVH Pixel extractor
rBe96a809a68ef (

According to the little video attached, it seems this is a step towards having high-performance texture painting with full Eevee shading on top of it (which is made possible by finally having that kind of tree acceleration for painting textures). Notice the relatively responsive strokes being made on Suzanne.

This is in master, so consider it a nice Easter egg to play with over the weekend.




This has been a wish long time ago when working in texture paint, that there would be a curve profile for the brush tip similar to the falloff curve editor. Sculpt even more important then.


For those working on high-ish poly (>10m) sculptures through multires and not so high on dyntopo (>1m), is there any setting or toggle I should try to avoid peformance hiccups? Any dev build besides sculpt-dev with better performance? Specially the huge undo waiting times? Or is it just something we have to get used to until some other update outside the sculpt mode? Would disabling Global Undo help somehow (since I like to segment my sculptures on multiple objects for performance sake)?

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Don’t use topology auto masking. That can and will result in terrible stroke lag/performance.
Smooth mask (via “a” pie menu for example) is another thing you should avoid when working with Multires.

And yeah we mostly need to wait until devs work on sculpt performance and another multires rewrite.


Anyone else trying the new experimental sculpt texture option? This is on windows 10 and gtx770, No matter which color I use it paints this random colors…

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Same thing here…

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Already left a message on the developers chat


Which version of Blender do you guys prefer for sculpting these days? Are the Sculpt Dev builds stable? I’ve been using the latest master alpha builds lately.

I use only the Master build out of practicality. Some of my personal shortcuts can break because of the experimental nature of the Sculpt branch and I do not want to get used to having functionality that won’t be in the main build for a long time by changing them for better compatibility.

Not to mention that it is easier to test and report stuff in the Master build. Not sure if you are allowed to report bugs in branches with the current portal, especially since it does not distinguish between Master and branch builds.

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My thoughts exactly. I do miss some tools from the Sculpt Dev build though, and some elements like Dyntopo have been improved in speed in the Sculpt Dev build.

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I would like to test sculpt-dev branch but Joe’s work does not compile under linux.
Builds are only available for windows.

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Ah, that’s inconvenient. No macOS builds either?

Back to master…

Last I checked, the sculpt dev branch was eating a lot of ram memory… also it was saving huge blend files in size compared to master… you can even see the difference just by saving the default blender scene…

I might try again soon to see if anything changed…

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