The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

These tools could adopt the Polyquilt model: you let the user assign which tools you want to combine as your ‘swiss army knife’ and which hotkeys they can use. An empty framework tool basically that calls other tools by invoking a specific hotkey.

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Thanks @Julien_Kaspar for listening to the community and opening up a discussion channel.

The last few weeks, whenever I encountered an issue in Blender where the UI doesn’t allow me to fluently perform a task at hand(mostly in modules that have not seen as much development recently, such as Sculpt mode, Curves and Grease Pencil), I stumbled upon a design for the UI by @William that would solve my issue. Perhaps it’s worthwile to revisit these designs and try to adopt them whenever possible. Brush related settings are one such example.


Yeah there are plenty of designs that never got finished.
Can you link some of these tasks?


At last, no more gizmo disappearing while transforming… yay…


Now that this is true, the following patch needs to land ASAP…
:point_right: Sculpt: Option to transform only the sculpt pivot



Custom cursors for tools: (this also helps indicate what would happen when you have a modifier key pressed in let’s say the new Polypen and each of the subtools.
I also thought there was one for Gizmos for the 3d cursor, but I think that was from Rightclickselect.

/Offtopic Not on sculpt mode specifically
The asset browser design, with collapsible material categories:

If I may, these are two striking problems I am facing now, with a potentially easy solution

I could have sworn there was another design, but I cannot find it at the moment.

Doesn’t look polished! lines overlap & the trackball white gizoms remain displayed.
Also I think the old non intrusive way should be kept as option, just in case.

Btw, just noticed that the elastic transform is in master now… :wink:

Some polish would be nice yeah…

Imo, since the gizmo is already visible, there’s no need for that long line to show up when transforming anymore, not even that extra arrow…
The long line makes more sense when using modal transform (G) with axis locking and stuff…


extra arrow indicates initial position

Yeah I know, but I can live without it (prolly a bad habit from zbrush lol), or at least an option to turn that off would be nice… :wink:
The long line is the worst part…

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Whoa, that’s a nice addition. I’ve been fiddling with MagicaCSG a lot lately, and missed this Blender feature.

Does it also work with rotation and scaling, depending on the transform gizmo position, like in ZB?

Falloff shape is a sphere that has its center at transform gizmo position.

There is no option for a projected falloff shape.
Placement of gizmo in sculpt mode is limited to surface or inner volume of mesh.
There is no way to place it precisely inner the mesh.
There no way to shift it relatively to mesh surface.

To do that, you have to quit Sculpt mode to reposition origin.

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Yes, it works with scale and rotation too… and yes, it depends on transform gizmo position… but the falloff is controlled by the brush radius…

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Nice! And has easy moving of the (Sculpt Mode) pivot point also been added?

Unfortunately no, the patch is still dead…

It needs some dev love…


OK. I’ve been fiddling with it, and one method to place the pivot for Elastic transforms is:

  1. Use Shift + A to establish a mask in which you’d like the pivot to be automatically centered.
  2. Then press Alt + M or A ➔ Clear Mask (unless you want to use the mask).

You can just quick favorite (Q Key)
That’s how i do it.
I would like to have a “Pivot to Volume Under Cursor” option too though.


It would be useful to have that Reposition Pivot option for other mask tools (box mask and lasso mask).

If there is no repositioning by on Only Transform Pivot option, having 3D Cursor in sculpt mode could help to position pivot as wanted in volume.

3D Cursor would be useful in sculpt mode for 3 things : that repositioning, annotation tool, custom symmetry.


:+1: Assigning that function to a keyboard shortcut is even faster.

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Oh yeah indeed - good idea. :pray:

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Good news is, I asked Joseph in the chat and he said he’ll take a look at the sculpt pivot patch… :slightly_smiling_face: