The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

I tested with 2.93, it shows exactly the same unpredictable behavior. Probably another one of multires issues.

Possibly related:


The Grab Vertex option behaviour became default with always a visible active vertex.
It was accompanied by a wire preview for subdivision/multires modifiers.

Later, a more general Sculpt Base Mesh option was added to Multires modifier for other brushes.

So, to have Grab Vertex preview display, you have to enable Sculpt Base Mesh option, first.


OBJ: vertex colors support in importer and exporter :ok_hand:


Important step forward - nice!


Myself too. I am always asking about Multires :laughing:

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Hmm…trying dynotopo. Performance seems to dip a lot after a while of sculpting even when I click rebuild BVH especially if you are using 2.0px detail size. I am using the official 3.2.0 release

Is there anything similar for Blender? Torn Cloth Plugin Zbrush 2021 - YouTube
I mean how would you replicate the workflow in Blender? I really wonder.

Or stuff similar to this Creating frayed cloth in ZBrush - quick 'n easy! - YouTube
Not possible in Blender i guess?

Blender’s equivalent to ZBrush Micropoly / Nanomesh is the Tissue add-on that is included with Blender.


I see you know the dirty tricks, man

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Aaaaaaah thanks. Will be useful in the future.

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Seems like you could replicate that with a script, just saving a bunch of steps/operators to automate the whole thing, since doing it manually takes too much time (That’s what that Zbrush plugin does right? It automates a bunch of steps, I mean).
I haven’t tried but I think the steps to save into a script would be:

  • Slice Mask in sculpt mode to get the holes
  • Remesh (This would be probably better with Quadremesher addon since the native Blender options aren’t very good)
  • Select border edges and add them to a vertex group.
  • Add a hair particle system using the previously created vertex group as input for density. (In 3.3 this step could also be replaced by a Geometry Nodes setup that adds the new hair curves to the border edges)
  • Use Tissue addon to add the cloth pattern. ( Alternatively, a Geometry Nodes setup could do the same, there must be something already available to use)

Good point. :+1:

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Maybe cloth fx addon


Any chance we can get this added to the options for exporting meshes from Blender? This is from send to ue addon from Epic.


Go test test test.


The rewrite in the sculpt dev branch is still not in master for dyntopo but maybe soon.


What’s that, mask by cavity command with visual feedback, or it’s still the automasking stuff?


Auto masking but with a better blur (Blur Mode 2) implementation.
Top image the new Blur, bottom the old Blur

Blur Mode 2 very similar to ZBrushs Cavity Mask Blur but additionally i had to tweak the Curve and Cavity Factor.

The lack of visual feedback about the mask is not great though.


Ok. Will give the sculpt dev branch a go.

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Blur Mode 2 seems more reliable for paint brushes but chaotic for sculpt brushes.

Joe has just created two distinguish branches.
temp-textpaint-automasking and temp-sculpt-normals-masking

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