The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread

Could someone say where in the latest 2.81 builds is to be found the brush demonstated in the Pablo’s video below? I am not finding any button for it in the tools row of the sculpt mode.

And also… how do we change the fall out distance of the brush? Where in the ui are the options for it (or which are the keys on the keyboard that regulate it)?

Thanks in advance for any help…

Not sure if this is what you mean, but brush falloff is located in 3 places: the active tool and workspace panel, the N panel>tool tab>falloff rollout, and the top tool bar>falloff dropdown.

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Oof, I’m afraid you can’t adjust navigation controls per mode in Blender, only for all 3D views.

You might try looking into a keymapper tool to quickly switch between presets.

As far as I know that brush only exists in the discontinued Sculpt Mode Features branch, so you’ll have to wait until Pablo has transferred it, which will probably be in a 2.82 alpha master build.

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Thanks mate, great suggestion. I’ll look into it.:+1:

EDIT: haha! I thought that was a link for a Blender addon to quickly switch between multiple keymap presets. :smiley:

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:slightly_smiling_face: You might request such an add-on here, at the Devtalk forum and/or on Right-Click Select.

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Thanks for the answers! The thing that I meant by ‘fall out’ is the two circles (the one inside the other -with the inner one thinner-) that appear as the brush cursor in the sculpt mode’s working space. I did not mean the brush kind options that do appear in scrolls with given shapes under the title 'fall off". So, the question is: how do we change the size of the brush’s inner, thin circle? Surely there must be somewhere an options tab for it (or some keybord key combination that changes it).

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Looks like the inner one shows the strength and outer one shows the size. If you change strength to 1.0, you’ll see it disappears.

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Oh right. I’m messing with falloff myself at the moment as I’m not happy at all with the way the Grab brush feels. It seems to have a horrible falloff(no matter what I set it at) in comparison to ZB’s Move brush.

So your issue is exactly what I’m having issue with too. No inner/outer falloff?

Just too many caveats to make Sculpt Mode feasible for me as it stands.

AFWS thanks! It is right there, in the ‘strength’ option, in the upper bar. And it does the work. The distance between the two circles denotes the smoothness with which the strength of the brush spreads around its core.

Musashidan… as I said, the circles do their expected works. The thing that you mean must be something else.

Be sure to experiment with the Elastic Deform brush. I think it feels like an improved ZBrush Move brush, using a fine new Pixar algorithm. In the Active Tool tab you can find the modes, like Grab, Bi-scale Grab and Tri-scale Grab.

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Settings (Add-ons & Keymaps)

We want to support storing different add-on and keymap configurations per workspace. This would likely be realized using per workspace overrides. Users would simply override the add-on and keymap settings from the User Preferences.
We still need to figure out how that would actually happen in the UI though. Some ideas:

  • Add a Workspace Preference editor, similar to the User Preferences . The top-bar could have a button to open the settings for the current workspace in a separate window.
  • Have a button in the top-bar to configure the active workspace. Would open a popup for configuring.

From this task it doesn’t seem to have been implemented yet


Tried it. Totally different effect. More like ZB Elastic Move brush, but interesting nonetheless.

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It was never committed to master from the sculpt branch and is only available in that branch as of now. It’s called the Relax brush, btw.

According to the Twitter feed, Pablo said that it doesn’t work with MultiRes yet and there are issues with the interconnected poles (don’t know what that means), which is why it is stuck in the sculpt branch for now:

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It’d be lovely if in addition to Relax, we could have a Move-along-surface brush.


The way it behaves depends a lot on your brush size. Try Elastic Deform ➔ Tri-scale Grab with a relatively small brush compared to the brush you’d use for the Grab / ZBrush Move brush. A larger brush size gives a more global deform.

New changes to the Clay Strips brush.


Looks super close to how the Clay brush works in ZBrush. Fantastic. I use this brush primarily while sculpting, so this is a great quality of life change. :smiley:

Btw, did you have time to make that thread yet? ^^


My favourite setting for Elastic Deform is Tri-scale Grab. The results are far superior to anything the Grab brush does in ZBrush, imo, and far more versatile considering all the other settings.

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Yep, for the thread not yet, i had work to do and couldn’t find time for it, i need to make mock ups…etc probably this weekend.

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