The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread

It works well without dyntopo

Yeah you’re right about the masking tool, you have to put it manually in the keymap under the 3Dview > Sculpt > Sculpt (Global), or you can just use the search menu to use it. And about the operator for the keymap, you can look at it on the info panel while executing the command from the search menu,

About the pivot point, don’t forget to set your pivot point to the 3D cursor, and then you can place it the same as you place the 3D cursor (shift-right mouse).

BTW, thx for the build and happy sculpting!


Yes, but there should be an automatic pivot placement on the edge of the mask, but I am not sure if it is committed yet

aaahh, i know what you mean now, but if you set the pivot point to anything other than 3D cursor, then it should be automatically placed at the end of the mask, right? at least that’s what happen when i tried the Mask Expand command in your latest build

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Oh ok, I didn’t try the mask expand operator yet, that probably goes with it :slight_smile: Thanks !

This is actually broken in master as well.

Yes, mask expand changing the pivot. But you can’t change pivot by move pivot only operator.

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hi, just wanted to know where can I find the change log and the keys used.
for example I found you can move and rotate by rmb + r but it rotates along 0,0,0 how can I change that?

With the latest sculpt branch, nothing happens when I press the + button on the Remesh CSG operands. Does anyone have any ideas?

Merge branch ‘master’ into sculpt-mode-features
Add front faces only option to the mask lasso tool
Fix crash with mesh filters and EEVEE
Add remesh panel to the topbar



really cool thing, thanks!

Can you share it? it looks so much fun!!

I just updated it here if you want :


Thanks! I use linux and compile myself, I was referring to the script that Johnwoods made that convert grease pencil in to a mesh.

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Would be great to check it out, to share it :upside_down_face:

An experiment, from an sphere, Using the new mask filter and mesh filter, and of-course the transform tools. The only brush I used was the mask brush. I hope this gives you ideas :slight_smile:


So… do we deserve such a nice developer???


And if you think like me… consider become a Patreon:


Looks like it just does a straight duplication of the masked geo, which is kind of a bummer. ZB extracts a retopo’d mesh with a contiguous edge loop, regardless of the density or layout of the underlying topology, and it’s much more useful because of it.


It’s a WIP. :wink: