The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread


You are right. Settings are still present in last revision.

In fact, it was not an intentional removal. It was just a typo error that messed-up UI.
It was fixed by Joe, the commit after.

So, now. The current issue is a lot less dramatic. It is just the simplified UI that is not able to display Sculpt Plane setting.


That’s great, fixing the typo in the ui script makes the settings show up in my version from a few days ago.


Yeap, tbh i’ve also though that it was removed at first glance, but i checked Joe’s commits :wink: .

Joe now has his own weekly report page.

January 3 to January 9

D12587 (temp-sculpt-colors)

  • Polished D1258 to get ready for master:
    • Fixed bugs
    • Added back color picker panel
    • Fixed icons
    • Updated patch for latest master (including new GPU subsurf);
    • Vertex color node now shows all color layers in its quick search list.


  • New automasking modes:
    • Mask by view normal, works similarly to front face only but with a falloff.
    • Mask by brush normal, compares normals with initial brush normal at start of stroke, see video.


For those of you who like to have at least one versatile companion DCC next to Blender, and are (like me) disappointed by the direction ZBrush is heading towards, I can recommend (re)trying 3D-Coat. I’ve started a thread about it:


Missing quick access panels, so why most 3D artists will not choose Blender for sculpting :

No alpha brushes and materials preview quick access panels like in Zbrush, 3D coat or other sculpting apps.
I highly doubt 3D artists will want each time open brush settings to adjust curves or switch to objects and dive in other settings and panels to just apply a material to current object.

Quick brush settings access by moving mouse over icon

similar quick access panel on Zbrush

And an awesome features that is Zbrush exclusive almost is the ability to use CTRL + ALT and draw on screen for different tools like Dynamesh, Clip tools and other things.

Before bringing new features, i think Blender needs to focus effort on making the sculpting mode a way better sculpting mode workflow.
No more using “Blender” workflow, no more needing to switch between object mode, material panels, texture mode, modifier stack.
Otherwise most D artists not familiar with Blender modeling workflow would still find hard to search for settings and other things.

Instead bring all features needed inside the sculpt mode, bring new quick access panelss and features.

Quick access panels and preview, Zbrush IMM brush for example, switch between objects just clicking on them, and other things makes sculpting faster and easier for 3D artists.

Not saying Blender is not doing well, it has improved a lot and works well on sculpting, but workflow and quick access are really not here.
I don’t think many experienced artists would move to Blender because of workflow that is perhaps too much “Blender” workflow.

Meanwhile Zbrush, 3D coat and perhaps Substance modelers later stays leading sculpting apps.


Yes, I wholeheartedly second this. Please pause the additions of new (sub-)functions, and focus on UI / UX improvement first.

Of course adding cool new tools and functions is more fun and challenging than restructuring workflow, but a fluid workflow is what makes the difference between searching for tools and enjoying them to create.


Exactly, many experienced 3D artist or concept artists don’t want to learn Blender workflow, switching between object mode, modifier stack, material mode, texture mode … , they just want all features as quick access mode under the sculpt mode like Zbrush or 3D coat.

I’m focused in 3D coat and Zbrush, so i’m not asking anything, i’m only pointing what i find very abvious why Blender sculping mode will never appeal to most people experienced using other sculpting apps (until it would upgrade the sculpting workflow).

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I agree on the interface in terms of the alpha management and brush settings, but switching modes is something completely different.
Its a 3D program with a lot of different areas and you can’t put everything in one mode, that will only clutter the interface and confuse even more. Not sure how many concept artists you asked but i heard a lot of people are quite happy with blender using it for that. The vertex color painting will probably move to sculpt mode just like zbrush has it.

There are things to improve, but the modes are actually helping to organize things.


Perhaps switching modes is good for some few things.
But as example above, quick access alpha brushes, materials is just some examples that makes a whole workflow difference between Blender and apps made from ground for sculpting like 3D coat or Zbrush.

A concept artist using PS4 Dreams, he can’t go back to Zbrush + Blender + photoshop
Smooth workflow is very important.


@joeedh Very valuable suggestions.

@Ratchet you are god damn right!


Alpha brushes are in sculpt mode? They are made and managed there but currently without any management or saving of them.

A new brush management system is planned already. See →

So why do you need to constantly change the mode? I dont see a problem there. You say you change it a lot but for what?


Perhaps because you are a long term Blender user you find it good.

And because 3D artists don’t change modes in Zbrush to switch objects, to apply materials, to paint textures, insert and manage multi objects, all is directly on same panels and modes around. No need to learn Blender workflow.

Ask why people prefer Zbrush or 3D coat workflow.

Anyway, i talked enough about Blender scultping, just my opinion and preferences about scultping apps (as Zbrush user i got already workflow i need, i’m not asking anything just pointing ideas).


People shouldn’t be expecting to get a free clone of Zbrush/3DCoat inside Blender, if you need a dedicated sculpting program then use a dedicated sculpting program. Blender is a general DCC program that happens to have a pretty decent sculpt module, but that doesn’t mean it will be a full replacement for those mentioned above, please stop asking to move everything into sculpt mode, it will only hurt development and confuse the workflow even more guys…


No i think we dont talk about the same things…
You have access in sculpt mode to the materials, you can quickly change objects with alt+D and the vertex colors will soon be moved to the sculpt mode. I still think that vertex colors can be a separate mode since painting the model is after sculpting it but it cant hurt (will just add a lot of new options to the interface).

Like i said blender has a lot of areas, so thats designed with purpose. Weight paint has its own mode but if you want to read about future plans of blender i recommend this nice blogpost:


This is why Blender won’t impove, because long term users find it great like that.

Quick panels for alphas, materials, textures, IMM bruishes are standard quick acces panels for all scultping apps. If Blender wants to appeal for other sculptors it will need that workflow.

Anyway, Blender sculpting mode is really not it’s main feature.
And like you said, you have to choose your software apps; there is Substance Painter and Designer, Zbrush and other specialized applications and people use them instead of alternatives , so there is a reason.

Weight mode is outside of sculpting, more about animation, so for sure never bring it to sculpting mode as it would not make sense.

Anyway those are ideas like any ideas are just ideas, take it or leave it, Blender developpers do what they want and their own way :joy:


I don’t find it great, not even close hehe, but I am also realistic about what I expect from the program, and I definitely don’t think expecting it to become a replacement for Zbrush is realistic. That’s it.


Me neither expecting it to become Zbrush.
But i would not be against those quick panels access, quick materials panel, IMM brush, kit bash models library panel, and some few other features all available directly in sculpt mode.
I would be more tempted to use more Blender sculpting :sweat_smile:


We all agreed on the subject that blender needs a better brush management system… The things you want are already on the sculpt mode roadmap…

It was an example of things zbrush dont need to worry about…