The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread

New changes to the Clay Strips brush.


Looks super close to how the Clay brush works in ZBrush. Fantastic. I use this brush primarily while sculpting, so this is a great quality of life change. :smiley:

Btw, did you have time to make that thread yet? ^^


My favourite setting for Elastic Deform is Tri-scale Grab. The results are far superior to anything the Grab brush does in ZBrush, imo, and far more versatile considering all the other settings.

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Yep, for the thread not yet, i had work to do and couldn’t find time for it, i need to make mock ups…etc probably this weekend.

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Yes, Tri-Scale Grab seems to have a nice effect. Pity it doesn’t have the ‘move along normals’ with modifier key held, like the regular Grab brush and ZB Move brush.

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The first commit seem to affect Brush’s texture Rotation, it only goes from 0 to 180° or you have to hold Shift but it moves slow.
Reported :

Yeah, I experience that too. It pretty much broke my keybind, since I use shift+R click to change brush rotation.

I really hope this was not an intentional change, since R click with modifiers is how I have always worked in other programs with brushes. This makes rotating cumbersome and incredibly slow. Before I only needed to hold down one modifier at a time to move the rotation in specific amounts of degrees. Now you have to press multiple to do the same action.

I haven’t really kept up with this fast moving thread but where is the best place to grap windows builds.

Most of the new stuff is in master, so you can just grab a buildbot build.


Progress is creeping along in the area of Multires as well.

The result of the above commit is that some of the new mask features can now work with it.


Does anyone have a newer Windows build of 2.81? All the changes of the day were done after the updated Alpha sadly. Been waiting all day for a build. T_T

This new blender branch makes me feel happy. I feel good about sculpting.


Automated build should arrive in couple of hours


Sculpt: Split normal radius and area radius


Finally, the build updated. ^-^

Been trying QuadriFlow a bit after the bug fixes. The good news is that there is a clear improvement from before. The bad news is that remeshing on Voxel remeshed objects seem impossible, since QuadriFlow refuses to remesh on “non-manifold” meshes, whatever that means.

However, when I do get it to work, I have managed to get some pretty nice looking results when compared to how it used ot be. Once I get the time I will post some cool stuff you can do with it.

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Non-manifold is stuff like, create a plane, drag one of the vertices in the Z direction. Now it’s non-manifold. I assume it would work every time if you triangulated it first.

Ah, okay. According to Sebastian Parborg who made the patch, it means “edges with > 3
connected faces and discontinuous face normal directions”:

I’ve tried decimating the object and using the Simplify brush to remove them, but it doesn’t work. There is clearly something wrong going on when you can’t fix the problem with this method.

I made a bug report on the whole issue, including a video showing the problem with QuadriFlow after the patches:


Here are some examples of non-manifold geo:

In the first example (the “T” shape), more than two faces share an edge. This is known as multiply connected geometry.
In the second example (the “bowtie” shape), two faces share a single vertex without also sharing an edge.

This shape is also possible where two three-dimensional shapes share a vertex (such as two cubes meeting at a single point).

In the third example, a single shape has non-contiguous normals (without border edges). That is, the normal on each polygon face points in an opposite direction. This is a less obvious example of nonmanifold geometry.

Sorry, I have no idea why the text is formatted like that?

What makes Blender such an excellent and flexible modeler is also what tends to create a lot of ‘illegal’ geometry. Basically you need to ensure that you are using clean topology, watertight if solid, and no internal geometry or double verts or co-planar faces, or any of the usual bad geo actors.