The Big Egg Hunt - WIP - Update 16/10 -13

Hello every one!

This is an thread that I I’m creating in order to keep track of my ideas and plans for an new project of mine.
This thread will from now contains the flowing:

  • ideas that i get ^^
  • plans and features on my next project
  • mind-storms (need somewhere to document em’ in order to keep everything in mind)
  • current project state
  • some screen shots and probably videos
  • concept arts
  • alto more

The Main reason that I’m creating this is to be able to get feadback (possetive as negative) on my idea’s but also to be able to keep track and in some way logg my progress.

now here is the description of the project.

==============Story Line==============

You are a crocodile living in an peaceful crocodile village where life is an blessing, until one terrible day
when the “sneaky” rats are breaking in to the village and steal all the crocodile egg’s.
your villages whole future are now putted in danger and something need to be done!
Ofc the golden rule apply-es even here and you realize that “if something need to be done, you better do it yourself”
so you decides to go out on an dangerous journey into the wild and try to get back the eggs from the damn rats.

======Idea’s and concepts for the game=====

  • Graphics
    - Toon style
    - most likely glsl
    - maybe an outline script?
    - Light areas (not much darkness)
    - low poly ( no hig ress)
  • Game-play
    - inventory system
    - at least 10 different weapons
    - No armors
    - 3:rd person view
    - enchant weapon system ( whit an chance of failing )
    - Many “smaller” areas, that is building the world
    - day/night cycle - perhaps…
    - more…

======General Info=====

The game will have an short storyline as I haw learn’t that I’m not able to make longer ones whit-out getting to an state where I’m confusing myself more that I’m making progress.
I whill also try to keep everything as simple as possible -if I don’t, I won’t get any where - and will be using both python scripts/modules but also some logic bricks.

…and here come’s some images of the main character (still wip):

For now this is everything that I got, but there will hopefully be coming more ideas/progress here soon!

change log 1.0:

-added an inventory system whit the flowing futures (no textures so far):
* add item
* stack items of the same kind
* move items
* delete items
* save/load inventory items and positions in IV

-added 2 temporary weapons ( 4 testing only)
-added an in-Game camera feature whit the flowing functions:
* take pictures
* view pictures already taken
* Zoom in/out up to 5X (depending on the camera)
* support for an dynamic number of cameras ( 3 types are added so far)

-added an Movement setup for the player
-added an Mouse-look script

That is all for now!

I saw the word “egg” and thought you might find a use for this.
It’s a simple egg cracking effect prototyped for a different game.

Press space to spawn eggs.
Public domain (no credit necessary) should you choose to use it.

Okay so I decided that it where time for an update on this project, as I have made some improvements and some progress on it!

Here is an list of what have been done/added:


  • fully working IG-camera script whit allot of adjustable options and an menu.

  • working movement script for the main character

  • working inventory whit allot of futures

  • Improved camera handling ( not yet any camera collision )


  • first world part nearly completed (the village)

  • animated water

  • animated smoke

  • animated character walk/run/stand cycle

  • collision boxes to improve frame-rate of all bigger objects in the world

    I also got some new ideas for this game:

  • you will be able to buy new camera models and bigger memory card

  • you will earn XP and lvl up by collecting lost eggs, killing rats AND taking photos of different things

  • the world will be spitted in many pieces (like in the fable games)

  • every world piece will have it’s own save, this is preventing things from repeating themselves on load of the selected pice.
    *the game itself will be WINDOWS only, this is bco the code that im using is having some operative system dependent functions.

here are some new screen-shots from the progress:

3:rd person look of the character while running.

first person look when taking an photo.

preview/manage already taken photos

That where all for now! plz comment and tell me what you thing!

…and also thx for the previous comments! they where very helpful!

Update 16/10 -13

So here comes an new fast progress report:

New adds:
*first npc added
*shop added
*script to make the shop work added
*new script for dialogs added
*some new models added
*equip/unequip script added

sry for all misspellings in this post

Nice project,it reminds me of the good n64 games.
As a suggestion you might want to add alpha to the trees so that you can remove the white color of the leaves.

thx fenice!, and yes, that is an good idea’. I will 4 sure work allot more on some of the textures, many are just placeholders 4 now and need to be improved.

I will post an new update rly soon, just need to get a few more things done first :slight_smile: