The big question

You know today I decided to go outside for a while to get some exersize and I got to thinking. You guys are aware of the solar system right we’ll I want to know can I design (I know it will take a long time) the planet earth the way the moon revovles around it, the people and things inside of it (trees, plants, animals, streets), the sky (clouds and other things), and seawater. I always wondered has graphic design gotten that far because come to think of it when I play games that go into space they have to cut in and out scene as a transition into space. I know if someone wanted to make a planet and things in it; that would take a lot of work because planets are round and transparent and things inside the planet stick to the core of the earth. I want to know can graphic design get so far as to design the solar system (i mean planets and everything) down to the very last detail?

Your choice of terminology is a bit confusing, but, um… yes. Yes it is.

Of course, outside of full simulation testing and scientific research, I can’t think of a good reason why you’d ever want to do it that way (from a design standpoint).

youd need one heck of a hard drive and a process to handle that much data but yes persumably you could model the universe

The person here is creating a game with a modeled universe type deal that’s similar to what you said.

Also, check out Spore, that game literally will have an entire galaxy all procedurally generated.

If you ever went down to the very last detail, you wouldn’t have a model but the thing itself, period. Modeling is about simplifying and yet remaining close enough to the original for our purposes. Modeling is a much more generalized field than the limited view we have of it in CG : it extends to all scientific models for example. Modeling the Earth athmosphere, which is only a small part of what you wonder if it is possible, is done every day in meteorology… with the results that you know.

So the answer to “… down to the very last detail…” is a flat ‘no’.

OTOH, the perfect and complete ‘model’ for the planet already exist and it is… the planet itself. As an information system, reality is the only thing big enough to hold the whole of itself. That is why going for a walk from time to time, especially with a loved one, is an excellent idea.

Blender allows us to add to the world something that does not exist yet though and sometime that is a worthy use of our time.


The reason why I asked this is because when I make a blender picture and look at the world setting it is not round but flat. I really want to do a new type of design to graphics though.

Here this may be complicated to explain so bear with me. My dream is to become a video game designer and I want to design games that are greater than the current games. I want to know if I wanted to design a game similiar to starwars. You know how now they gave spiderman2 now where he can roam free around the city of New York (to ceartain extents). Now what if I’m a jedi (for example) I’m chasing someone with a special package and he is leading me on a chase all around the solar system. I want to be able to enter the planets atmosphere in order to get an enemy. Also to use it to get into the sea, and fight on land.

I can imagine that you would need something like a mainframe computer to process such information and a certain type of programs. Like that would produce a landscpae types suck as forests, city, suburban, and desserts. Such things would need not only a planet type python script but also subpython scripts that would help with landscape. Then there would be one for weather but the sky is generated by space in the sky. I also know that there would be gravity python scripts because gravity effects the way things grow and look. Using all this inforamation that would mean that there would be a generate things.

Yeah but now that you think of it that is a lot and to do more than one would be pretty hard.

Read my post above, the link I posted shows someone who does planets you can enter.

You do know if you model everything the game will get too big for the computer’s memory. You’ll need these things

1). A streaming system that streams data
2). A culling system to minimize the number of polygons rendered
3) Agressive level of detail
4). Procedural systems that generate the geometry on the fly in game so you don’t have to store gigabytes of premodeled stuff.

Cyborg Dragon I can’t get to it because I think the link might have been wrong or something.

“Elite” did that 20 years ago.

About the link not working I just checked Gamedev’s developer journals section and I seem to be getting an error at their site.

So i’m guessing they’re having a little trouble.

I’m not sure but Cyborg Dragon must be talking about Infinity

That is the one I am talking about, Company 2, if you’re looking for entering planets and exploring a universe this game has that.

I’m not sure, but I believe the city in “The Matrix Online” MMORPG is the largest single open game space there is at the moment. Sometimes I have dreamed of modeling the whole of middle-earth as one big game scene…

So it is developed and everything no kidding.

:eek: @ Infinity.
Looks awesome!


this game reminds me of battlecruiser 3000. lord know derek smart will probably show up and start a flamewar…

No this would not be possible in blender.
Not in one file.

Blender (and all other 3d software) has to put a point in 3d space.
It uses a number with a limited range to discribe this space.
Currently a 64bit float I believe. So from the smallest detail to the largest detail the computer can only represent a scale 10 to the 20 without loss of accuracy.

And your gfx board can only show about 10 ^ 5.

A single face “costs” blender 64 bytes on harddisk.
A tree “costs” about 1500 to 25000 faces in a detail that can’t hold a bug. ( ) ie. 600 kb for a tree. You can see where this is going… “Big enough harddisk” would mean something a bit more then 64 bit adress to access the data.

Our human technology is far away from “Gods little computer”.

We’ll there goes my hopes I mean I can’t get a hold of that kind of technology.

Not necessarily. This is where you enlist the computer artist’s greatest tool: faking it.

Yeah I know that is what graphic artists do but someday I do want to make the real thing no matter how long it takes.