the big Siggraph topic

(Goofster) #1

Well, looks like I’m really going to siggraph this year. I have to skip BUWM though. sorry folks.

anyway,I know I asked this before but I just want to have a list of people that are going to attend siggraph. (people that live in the neighbourhood, post too! I’m a bum!)

please post ONLY if you’re gonna go. no use in people saying they’re NOT coming.
Maybe we can hold a small meeting there, and cruise the ins and outs of the graphic world together.


(mhenley) #2

Its in San Antonio Texas this year so I will probably go for at least a day or two to the exhibits. I have friends that work in the Texas A&M Visualization Lab that always go so I will try to meet up with them like i did when it was in New Orleans. Of course, since it has nothing to do with my job, I will have to take it as vacation. Let me know if there is some type of meeting planned.