the biggest blendergame ever? ROBOCOCK check it out.

it’s a really cool game we made in a school project for NAN.

The game is about alien roosters coming to planet earth.
it has some very nice artwork and animation.

it’s also a nice site with really funny demo’s,
the game can be downloaded, but is quite big(14mb)

the blended hku team

With a title like that, I thought
it was iceman’s original game idea.

looks like very nice work indeed. Too bad my computer dosnt fufill what are most likely insane system requirments to play the game. Just out of curiosity, did your team find themselves including any optimizations? ie: Scene vis tricks and whatnot? Hope to play it someday :slight_smile:

dang, it seems rather simple. The intro movie thing is pretty neat, but why is it 48 MB when there is only 1 level? It was pretty easy to beat as well. Based off of how much intorductory material there was, I was hopeing for more than one simple level.

Oh well, nice work. For me, it crashes Blender when I quit the game.

Very good I’d say. It is a bit large… but since Creator doesn’t have access to using the compressed audio its understandable. Game play was ok. And I agree it needs several more levels. And maybe some look into the AI… heh… the alien mech rooster got stuck in a corner when I tried to play it. Wasn’t hard from that point on. :slight_smile:
Congrats to all involved!

Really funny I loved it. Had problems firing though.