The biggest thing I still wish blender had...

I think the only real thing left that I really wish Blender had is a real cloth deformation option.

I know about soft bodies, and I’m excited about them being implemented into blender… but it’s still not like it’s a pheasable solution for having clothes on a character react realistically.

This is the only thing that still makes me sort of “hunger” for the other apps like Lightwave, etc.

The reason I think this is so important is that without it, you are limited as to what kinds of animation you can accomplish. I know that you COULD just animate the cloth using vertex keys, but it’s not a very realistic option.

Until Blender gets a working cloth deformation option, all our characters are going to have tight-fittin’ clothes on.

Just some thoughts.

Even if you think soft body is not a pheasable solution, it’s the way developeers are taking for now. With collision detection, it’s a good feature nevertheless. From demo od early implantation i saw, it can do so realistic cloth move. 2.36 and all the new animation tools is gonna rock solid… yea.
And 2.35 will be release sunday, 2.36 is still 2 month ahead. but we have time, i hope you have time too.­

Too bad we haven’t heard from Zaz in a long while:/ I hate to see good projects dropped.

I think better animation tools need to be implemented first. It’s just too hard to create a decent rig in Blender, and without decent animation what’s the point of having cloth deformation?

Hmm, new rigging and animation tools in .36?

I may have to start working on a character with the new modeling tools and then finish it when .36 comes out…


animation: angle limits/contraints …

joint A>set angle max=45:min -10 , roll 0:0 and a graphic representation.

that is all, :slight_smile:

Ton has said that a cleanup of action and NLA code is on the slate for 2.36. In fact, I noticed from the CVS logs that he was already poking around in there a bit. Heh. When he gets his mind on something, nothing stops the guy.

From what I understand, there may not be any new animation features in 2.36, but the code cleanup will facilitate the easier expansion of that area of Blender.

That said, there’s lots of improvements to Blender’s animation tools that are sorely needed.

Also, you can do a really good, useful rig in Blender:

I’ve been thinking for a while that a general noise-driven animation system would be super, too, and it would fit into a cloth system. You would simulate hair and cloth mostly the same way - springs. The springs (and thus the hair and cloth) would be procedurally animated based on the underlying character motion. But at rest, they could be animated via a noise function, which could also be applied to generic meshes like grass, trees, etc, giving you great wind effects.

There’s a lot to do.

Hey harkeyman! Thanks for sharing your rig! Just played around with it a bit and it seems to be extremely well put together. I’m going to have to model something around it to test it…

I hope noone thinks that I was complaining about how much work has been done.

Like I said, I’m pretty excited about softbodies being implemented. I just want to be able to create characters with dresses, and robes, etc.

I just watched Shrek 2 the other day, and I just loved seeing all the moving cloth.

Me wants it…