The Bird Ship - Chip Chip Mk II - Ink Drawings to 3D

Hey! I’ve been creating art & storytelling experiences with Augmented/Virtual Reality for some time and been developing techniques for transforming my ink illustrations into textures for 3D models. The process involves texture stripping/modular illustrating, transformingt art into modular components for texture maps. Using textures from real life, this process is great for AR in connecting digital content with the physical space. The results have been really exciting and can’t wait to show you more.

If you have any animal vehicle suggestions please comment in French.
Source/Info: Marc-O-Matic

Original Art is scanned, spliced and repurposed into a 3D representation of the original work.
Modeled, Rigged and Animated in Blender 2.8

Earlier Illustrated Concepts | Made with Ballpoint Ink | Inkwash


This glorious! Bravo

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Thanks Matey!

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Oh, so lovely!
And it just screams for animation. :slight_smile:

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Oh yes it is animated! :slight_smile: Sorry I realised the Gif didn’t load as it’s too big. It’s up on the post now :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle if you know it


Love Miyazaki.

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