"The Birth of a Metaball"

This is a small animation based on Stefano Selleri Metaball animation. Nothing really amazing, just thought it looked kind of cool.

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Care to share some tips?

That was really cute! (lol) Actually it was cool. Nice work. I have to ask, just to mess with your head, but if everything in the world was a mirror texture, would we see anything? or just a bunch of light?

Create a large metaball, make it a nice chrome reflective material
inside the metaball place 2 (or more) smaller UVspheres, one will produce negative metaballs which don’t show but substract from the larger metaball. Use dupivert and particles for producing the smaller negative metaballs. The other UVsphere will produc small regular spheres of the same material as the large metaball. Once the animation runs, the negative metaballs will deform (destroy) the large metaball, while the regular shinny spheres come out. Once finished emitting negative metaballs, the larger metaball will re-create itself. I did a similar animation which is under “a day in the life of a metaball” in the finished projects section. Same technique just that the metaballs and sphere are directed to only on section of the large metaball. Hope it helps!

thaks for the tut on how to create this!

but how do i make neg. meta balls

Select the metaball you’ve created.
Goto edit buttons.
Press the negative toggle button in the bottom. That’s it!

When the negative metaball gets in the proximity of the postive or regular metaball you will see an opposite effect. Instead of merging the two, you will see kind of a boolean substract opertation. If you are interested, once I get back home from work I can post the .blend file. Let me know.

yes This would bbe GREATLY appreciated! :smiley:

that was cool! how long did it take to render?

I’ve seen that sort of effect done before, but it still looks pretty neat! (Oh yeah, just reread your post… I think that’s who I saw the first from as well.)

It´s very interesting, indeed! Mesmerizing.

Render time was 23 hours.

I’m posting a variation of the animation. It just spits out negative metaballs on one side only, but the idea is the same.

.blend file here