The bizarre world of liquid helium gets weirder; Tornado Alley has nothing on this

Yep, you read that correctly, scientists have found densely packed grids of tornadoes inside drops of liquid helium (which, for reference requires temperatures near absolute zero). They have studies the liquid helium superfluid before, but this specific thing is invisible to lasers and required the injection of xenon atoms to see.

Now the question is whether this can be harnessed and used for technological purposes (possibly in things like quantum computers).

It also goes to show just how little we know about how different elements behave in a supercooled or superfluid status, very intriguing stuff as this is a lot like the exotic concepts made up by Hollywood for science fiction movies.

I suppose that the physics of the natural world as opposed to computers and processing power that can be harnessed fails in certain cases. This being one of them.

Hollywood script writers get out those science fictions ideas!