The Blackboard


I would like to share my current project with you and like some feedback on the lighting tests.

“A room based on the description in the artbook of the first song (Prologue: The Blackbook) of the new Ayroen album: The Theory of Everything”

1st img: moon glow
2nd img: moon rays
3rd img: combined

So yea, go wild :smiley:



I have to download the album to get the feeling, and yeah it give me the feel to be in that room, I liked the third light setup. You can add a lot more elements, to make it more dramatic, I don’t know maybe a old bookshelf , a limbless maniqui, some old persian carpets? I don’t the music give me a lot of feelings, BTW Ayreon is amazing!

What you already have looks really nice, though half the scene is pitch-black.
Heres a tutorial explaining some lighting stuff, including having a good HDR

If you were going for a half black scene, then I like it!

Allright, Thanks

Been busy so now I have to time work at it again. In the meantime I got a whole lot further, but more critique would be great (Should I also post this in focused critique or should I let a mod move it there?

Anyways, here is what I got so far:

The Blackboard is based on the following text and song (youtube link):

The dew of morning still glistens on the salt grass that grows
along the foundation of the old Lighthouse. lt isn’t in active service
anymore, but has been renovated to serve as a private dwelling.
High in the tower inside, a young man is slumped on the floor in
the corner of the room, apparently in some kind of trance.
Someone has put a blanket over him. He is deathly pale, but the
steady, almost imperceptible rise and fall of his chest shows that
he still clings to life. Standing next to him are young woman and
an older man. Both are obviously shocked and distressed.
Their frequent glances toward the door give the impression that
they’re waiting for someone who is yet to arrive. On the wall next
to them is a blackboard covered with impenetrable mathematical
equations. The older man is holding a crumpled piece of paper — it
appears to be a note scribbled in haste by an unsteady hand.
What follows here is the story of what happened.

Allright, I got the following image layers (click for large version):

  1. Full setup unrendered
  2. Full setup rendered
  3. Blackboard glow
  4. Blanket glow
  5. Moonrays
  6. Note glow

Combining all these layers with “screen” blending/mix with variating factors results in the following image.

I would really like some focused critique on this render and tips and tricks on lighting and texturing.
Also some opinions would be nice. Do you like it (or not), why etc.

Thanks in advance,
Looking forward to your replies and if you have any questions please do ask.