The Blacksmith

Hello guys!

I would like to introduce you to the Blacksmith I developed for the project that I have been working with Rogério Perdiz, Resilience Satelle.

It is also my first character work. He will be a secondary character in the story.
As it was my first work of this kind, I did it in stages:

  • In the first place, I looked for references of clothing from blacksmiths from medieval times and fantasy, gathered several elements that captivated me and developed an outline.

  • After hitting the colors that would attribute to the character, I started modeling.

  • To be easier to model, it was made in parts, starting with the clothes that are inside and going up to the accessories. After all the elements that compose it are modeled, the geometry was simplified by removing the interior and bringing everything together in one object.

  • Once the geometry was prepared, I started painting the character. I used Blender Texture Paint to give color and detail.

  • In the end he was given his life. Bearing in mind that I have no experience in this area, I had the reinforcement of Rogério Perdiz, who took the lead from here and gave the blacksmith a life

Hope you like it!
After the blacksmith, I’m already finishing another character too.
I would also like to mention that all the work was done only with Blender.

Anyone who is curious about our project, access the link Resilience Satelle | r.i.c.e , and leave us an opinion, doubt, whatever you want :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Rute Perdiz