the blander "FLAG"

well… i decided to wear my blender 2007 NEW YORK Conference staff t-shirt out in town today… in Bahrain… obviously im not from around ehre but from the states so i never knew what the reaction might bekn
Well to get to stroy… so far withthin me walking to this sturbuks that im sitting at right now typing this and an hour sitting here i was aproached by 3 people asking me about blender and feloow artists that know blender and its uses… its kinda amazing that in bahrain ive already met 3 fans… just sitting here

just thought it would be interated to tell you guys this, plus im also getting a little bored here sitting on the phone with a customer support tech for Phoenix University lol

Wow never would of thought that. I bet if I wore one of those shirts I wouldn’t even find one person who knew the meaning let alone 3! That is sweet!

lol it just amazed me how many people actually know about blender…in Bahrain…

I so need that shirt… :smiley:

I know that would be awesome right?!?!

why wouldn’t anyone know about it in bahrain
islands aren’t islands of communication anymore :slight_smile:

lol looking at some people around here it doesnt seem like they know much about technology, but where i am currently at (near the naval base) i see a lot of people with laptops but never would have thought there would be fans of blender way out here

I think we’ll all need that shirt. Did you buy it or make it via transfer? Australia has no users/fans of Blender as far as I know, since institutions like schools and colleges are encouraged to learn something more mainstream, like Maya or 3Ds Max, because of them saying that it is an “industry standard”. In my experience, just because something isn’t known very well, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know about it and use it to our advantage :cool: