The Blender Alien, back from holiday.

Yeah he’s back again, afther NaN died, the Blender Alien went on holiday, afther that he asked me for some work. I give him some work, like staying on the contest website, and to work in a game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Afther some work, he said to me, can I met some another blender users? Ofcourse, so I put him on my website, and now you can invite him for a look around on your pc. :smiley:

You can invite him by clicking here:
I think he really like this, maybe he can get some another work somewhere else. :stuck_out_tongue:

heh, quality work man, awsome :smiley:

Just to tell you, JD-Multi didn’t make that, somebody trying to promote blender (?) made it a LONG time ago, back in the .nl days…


Thats old yea but nice to see hem again.

Pooba: JD-Multi didn’t make that.

I defenly made that character, but the orginal idea is from NaN, an I didn’t make the textures. I always wanted that character in a .blend, but I could find it, but I found the texture only. So I tried to model it from on old picture I had somewhere on my pc. :smiley: And that’s the way I give the alien it’s life back, because I thing the orginal .bend is gone. I also have the high poly model, I found it somewhere on a website. :smiley:

Oh, sorry, i seem to remember you had just taken it and put in some lights, but i guess i’m wrong :expressionless:


No problem everyone makes sometimes mistakes. Anyway, is someone using it? :smiley:

nice jd :slight_smile:


Lol, what did you do with it? Is he high or something?, because he alergic for drugs and such things. So, did you give him some crack? :smiley:

Rofl! LOL!! HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAH! hehehe! HAHAHAH! ahh the memories :slight_smile: found this not to long ago. the little blender alien is in here somewhere… Oh found him. he’s in or demo220.tzg . hehe nice job on your alien though :D. i was snooping around on google about nan and found this today :smiley:

Yep I know, that’s the high poly one, but the one I revived is the orginal revived from picture, realtime alien. :stuck_out_tongue: