the blender book

i am going to get the blender book from the blender site, just woundering,

its the 2.33 book, will there be a 3.4 book or not, because if anyone knows if the book will be upgraded with in a month or two, can you let me know

because i don’t want to purchase a book then its been replaced straight away,


i don’t know of any plans to “replace” that book. it will give you a very good foundation for working with blender, and once you’re into it you can still harvest the related websites to keep up-to-date.

though a bit outdated, i still have a look from time to time in my old blender 2.0 guide, as there are many things that haven’t changed (yet).

so, go get it, tiger

that I know of, there are no plans to write another book soon. they generally write about 1 a year, and I believe next up would be another game engine book.

so how much of the 700+ plus pages in the blender 2.3 book are about animation , and moddoling? cos i am not intrested in game engine

The book is updated with info until 2.31 and 2 additional chapters for 2.32 features.
Since the game engine was enabled again after 2.32, there’s (almost) nothing about the game engine written in the book.

With regards,

okies, so the book, are all the screen prints in there blender 2.3 style

because i don’t want the book if i can not understand the screen prints??

The complete book content is on as well, so you might want to have a look at it…

Yes. I think it is worthwhile to have a hardcopy book. You can also look at or download the documentation online at:
and the latest version at:

so then, who thinks that it’s worth getting the book, ?? like, the disc that comes with it, whats on there?

and, are there better blender books?

so the book worth it??

Very much so. It’s a great resource, especialy if your new to blender. It covers everything except the gameengine, which is fine since you already stated that your are not interested in it.

I would highly suggest buying it.

Yes, the book is worth it. I think it is easier to page through a book to see what is there. If you know the exact term you want, it is easier to search an HTML document. The CD has the HTML, Blender binaries, example pictures and animations.

BUT the GREAT thing about the book is that the CD has the BLEND files for everthing in the manual. Excellent examples.

The book is great. Really. And you also support the Blender foundation financially… :smiley: So Ton can finally eat some peanutbutter on his bread in the weekend again. :smiley: No,serious, they really need the support and you really need the book so why hessitate??

To stay in Solmax’s spiderman terminology:
give it a slingShot!

Yes, the book is excellent. On the CD is also the entire reference to python in blender. One thing you must be aware of is the book does not cover anything new in 2.32, 2.33, 2.34. So, no raytracing, amb occ, gameengine, or particle dynamics. But it’s still a great book to have.


I didn’t use any book … I just read the only manual … the book is also in order to support blender as you well might know …