The Blender Conference 2006

Oke guy’s this year there is another blender conference in Amsterdam. I’m comming, and if you are comming submit your name and say that your are comming. If you want you can give some comment and talk it over. I already aked Robbert J. Tiess if he is comming bud he has a verry buissy schedule so maby not :frowning: :frowning:

Anyway i hope you are all comming :smiley:

I plan on coming, but I don’t know when it is. I need to know pretty soon, since I need to get a plane ticket and all that… :slight_smile:

I think I’ll be there.

most likely I’ll drop by

I don’t think I will come this year, for couple of reasons…

the … got me intreged.

I guess you asked him this in a private message, right?

A PM from The Flying Dutch Man… that lucky bastard.

the … got me intreged.[/quote]

sorry ?

Question- what are the dates this year? I want to come, but I have a feeling it falls the week before term breaks up… :<

I guess you asked him this in a private message, right?

Yes I did this in a PM. And the date I dont know really %| Bud i know its in oktober.

it’s usually between october 10 and october 30

as for myself, if I make enough money this summer I’ll try to come. but most likely won’t.

will instead organise the one in montréal again…it was a blast last year and will probably be even cooler this year :smiley:

Is there going to be an Australian one again because that is the only one i can goto :frowning:

woow alot of reply’s :o

If I dont get the Cash to go to the real one, I may hit Ecks up in Canada!

same %|


if my schedule allows it i’ll be there in every case, but where can i find info on it, searched for but found nothing yet. What expense will i have to plan in for the tickets ?

Would be nice to get some info on it.
Cause i’ll have to do planning about hotel and traveling there from Germany.

Thanks guys

the … got me intreged.[/quote]
sorry ?[/quote] I was wondering about the reasons.

full time education and less money…

But less is more! ( Okay, pitty, you are one of the people I know, maybe 2007! )

Damn sure you will! :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to meet the guy that will achieved what I miserably failed at…creating a community short movie :wink: