The Blender Cookie Air Force

Hi all,

I downloaded Yafaray two day ago and it is pretty cool. This the result of my (short) learning. Concept by Modeled in Blender (obviously :cool:). Rendered in Yafaray. Post Production in Blender and GIMP. Critiques and comments are welcome so I can improve and fix my mistakes. Or know what I doing right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t give you any suggestions
model something like an environment or studio lightening stuff so we can say our opinion
anyways good job with yafary

Why can’t you give your opinion on the model itself? :wink: Thanks!

Pretty simple model.

Then comment on the material. You can’t find anything to say? :rolleyes:

Awesome Renderer, Yafaray…

Yea. It is way faster than Cycles, for me at least.