The Blender development fund achieves a 50% increase since Jan 1; now over 3100 Euros

As seen here.

Congratulations to the Blender team and all those who chose to contribute. Thanks to the efforts put in by both the developers who made another stunning release and the users who want to see Blender grow, the Blender Development fund has, as of now, achieved a roughly 50 percent increase in monthly funding since Ton made his initial assessment of the foundation’s financial resources.

This increase to over 3100 Euros (around 4000 USD), means that the foundation will be able to do various things like adding another developer to the core team and/or fund more independent development projects.

So all in all, I can see this increasing the prospects that Blender will have a great future as a booming open-source project with rapid development, something that can in part be attributed to the strong leadership position assumed by Ton and the amazing developers that gave us such features as Dyntopo and Cycles.

Congrats to the foundation and congrats to all that made it happen, and finally congrats to all those who have demonstrated just what Blender can do through animation, games, tutorials, and art. It is because of these efforts that such a thing like this can be done.

So without further ado, comments?

I do not believe I am being a fanboy by stating:

Blender will soon be the industry standard for graphic design.

It’s not fanatism, it’s just plain and simple economics. The real money is what you do with Blender and not what you use to create 3D related projects.

Blender and the open-source business model eliminates a lot of licensing hassles and opens up the demographic of base users to those who either cannot afford or can afford but do not want to waste money on proprietary software and the inevitable cost of updates.

animaguy; Please do not include any pretext that might turn this thread into a flamewar before people even have a chance to comment, people have the impression that you’ve already led too many threads to a region of non-productivity and then to their demise.


Ace Dragon,

Anyone can post whatever they want regardless of my opinions.

If you do agree with me that is fine.

I’m very pleased to see such an increase in the donations. Developers are doing an awesome job, Ton is managing very well this community and Blender will grow faster thanks to these donations.

I think the fact that the increase started after Ton message shows that some visibility of the Blender Fund on the front page contributes to increase of donors. Maybe we could think of a permanent donation link on the front page to keep having this increase of donor ?

Wow, what a news !!..A heartfelt thanks for all the contributors and donators for making this possible. Im planning myself to get a subscription now. Cant wait to see more Blender Goodies.

That’s really great news! Glad to be a contributing member.

Ace Dragon,

See, all these individuals can state their opinions and so can I and notice how there is no “flame wars” going on.

Awesome news. Congrats to the Foundation!

I am sad that I can’t donate more than I currently am but hopefully I can in the future :slight_smile:

Hey thanks everyone for donations and software.
I also want to contribute and I thought of an idea,
every project I get XYZ will be extra money it will contribute further development of this wonderful software, a lucrative business.
Thanks again to the community, developers of software.

great news

I would love to contribute, I hope Wrectified is a success and we can get a constant stream of ad revenue pouring into the dev team…

I hope it at least lands me a job :slight_smile:

It’s all well and great but it’s not quite there yet. Considering how many people use 3d apps professionally I think more like the 1000 people monthly donation will start to kick things into where they need to go.

Update “Component Core Code Completed” -
Creative commons M.i.t. licence applies v 3.0

that was a errrr… keyboard full…
Project Wrectified-
anyway we can design complex enemy and puzzle systems now, that will be able to be torn apart :slight_smile:

I need help designing a system to steer ad revenue this way, that is compiled so that people can not turn it off, but the rest of the game(or at least most) is open source,

this way we can get ad revune piped into the bge, as well as push updates and show user created content,

In short, with a little help we could be funneling thousands into the BGE in a hurry,

Who would I talk to at about having the project get some help from there professionals?

My question is what is it going to be used for. Perhaps it’s finally time for the Depsgraph sprint?

When looking at the grands, it has been used for paying people doing ugly work like bug fixing and support since July:

July 2012 - Dec 2012

  • Grant for Sergey Sharybin - for 30h support/development per week, during 6 months.

Jan 2013 - March 2013

  • Grants for Sergey Sharybin and Campbell Barton - for 30h support/development per week, during this period
  • Reservation for Andrzej Ambroz, Icon designer for Blender.

That is actually a really good use of the money :slight_smile:

This is once again proving that blender is catching up in the industry as well as being ahead in many areas! This increase in donations may be due to, in part, low light combat?

I need help designing a system to steer ad revenue this way, that is compiled so that people can not turn it off, but the rest of the game(or at least most) is open source,



Most times when I see your posts, I have no clue what you’re talking about.
This is one of those… How is that related to this topic?

Just another one trying to contribute here with a little subscripition too :slight_smile: