The Blender F1 Challenge!! And the winners are....

…hahahaha…keeping you in suspense?

Well, go here to see who won: :slight_smile:

Ciao for now!

Curtis S

Congrats Caronte! That’s one mean looking machine you’ve built there, man.

For those of you who are interested, I just posted the points table at the F1 Challenge site (see my first post in this thread). Now you can see how your entry fared against the competition.

Ciao for now!

Curtis S

Congrats to all winners!

for me, all the participants are winners since they had the courage to face competition (that doesn’t mean that Caronte’s entry really kicked ass).

PS: does his happy dance TOP 10 WOOHOOO!

Yayyyy Caronte rulez !

Congrats to all winners, specially to Caronte and S68 (neat wheel).

Well, I ended just below TOP 10, but my invention (F1 rail) was a success !!! (theeth, do you have a dance for that ?)



/me does his top 20 dance

Malefico: well, the problem with rails is that Ferrari would no longer be able to cause accident at the start of each race. [evil]



4th matched position :slight_smile:

Didn’t hoped that after seeing all those high quality last minute entries.

Congrats to Caronte, MortalNME and Tricky!


On 2002-03-21 18:44, theeth wrote:
/me does his top 20 dance

Malefico: well, the problem with rails is that Ferrari would no longer be able to cause accident at the start of each race. [evil]


More likely, the race would be stopped because of a solitary single leaf on the line (the usual excuse from British Rail / Scotrail / Railtrack / whatever they are called now…), or a drivers strike…



top 10 :slight_smile:

congrats me and averybody else

:slight_smile: pofo

Congrats to all…

BTW, can you tell me my mistakes in design so I won’t repeat them in the future?

Thanks all.

Herm… which is yours?


Thanks to everybody!
I’m happy :smiley:

Congratulations Charon, :smiley: :smiley:


The voting was very difficult this year as there were so many outstanding creations. I am disappointed by the number of votes but I am sure that is due to NaN closing at the same time the voting was supposed to start. When Bart emailed that they could not host the voting (the week before they closed), I knew something was wrong. I guess this was just unlucky timing.

Now, I have the problem of following through with the prizes since they were all to come from the Blender E-Shop. Amazon or Barnes and Noble are possibilities but the KaRa books/posters are another question. I have contacted Shige to see if he can help. I ask the top 3 to be patient while I figure out how to deal with this.

As far as there being a 2003 F1 Challenge, that decision depends partly on NaN. If Blender does not continue and I still run the contest, I will likely open it up to all 3D packages. If this happens, I will probably tighten up the rules as far as concept.

Anyhow, the 2002 Blender F1 Challenge was a success (IMHO) and I hope you all enjoyed it!

Ciao for now!


I see there are a few numbers missing in the list. Are those entries that didn’t get votes?


Mine is the one with a penguin (no.28 i think).

Ohh, nice one :slight_smile:

Well, IM(Very)HO I find chrome looking very believable and decals very well placed (I wish I could do that :wink: )

But I notice that first three, besides having a smart concept - as yours have - are much more detailed. I mean, the mechanics in them is astonishing.

I have the strong impression that voters weighted in their judgment both concept and detail and might have found a flawn in this in yours.

my 2 cents


Agree with S68

Also I think a bit of flashiness is good too, make people interested enough to go in for a closer look :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: pofo

Thanks for your replies…

I had problems deciding what details to put on the model. But my maglev concept dictated something streamlined and smooth.

I guess I should have put more “small” details.

Yay tied for fourth!