the Blender Family

(PowerMacG4) #1

Folks say that Lightwave 3D has one of the Best 3D community. ( A lot has to do with its lower price tag)
But I think that Blender 3D has the Best. The love here is great. Both online and off. At my job multiple copies of " the Blender Book" sits on our desk and bunch of laptops sit open with Blender on the screen. We work on Sun Servers not 3D graphics here.
The knowledge that comes thru here is top-notch from OS to Hardware. Tips are great. Also we know how to use tutorials from other Apps to helps (which is hardcore).
I like to say (or Type) THANKS for the help
Keep up the good work and Blender on Baby!!

(BgDM) #2

Ditto to what you just said. This group of people is great.

As far back as I can remember, (when I was a Blender newb using Ver. 1.8 :o) , I always got a great answer to a question. And that was any question. That is the one thing that truly makes this group stand out, IMO. We are all here for one purpose, and that is to make Blender better and to get nore people involved and using Blender.


(Schlops) #3

Yeah, and sometimes we can even fight GREAT flamewars :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(iluvblender) #4

IMO no other user base could have raised 100K in 7 weeks.

I am proud to be in this league.

remember “Band of brothers”?

wat about “Band of Blenderheads”?

blend on blenderheads.


(CubeFan973) #5

While the community isn’t always helpful, it rarely ignores people (well, they might ignore me, but that’s only because I annoy them), and we welcome anyone to try Blender. Oh, and we’ve got about 17,576,000,000 tutorials (not really, but that would be cool) suited for anyone from a newbie to Shige :smiley: (no offense, Shige, “Horus” rocks).

“Band Of Blenderheads”… hmm… do we have any Blenderheads who consider themselves to be like Tom Hanks to Hollywood, to the Blender community? If so, we’ve got a producer for this epic mini-series!

Hmm… a plot… a bunch of Blenderheads fighting in 3DSW1 (3 Dimensional Suite War 1), each with their own agendas, and some bizarre stuff happening!

(iluvblender) #6

well there might be one hiding somewhere.

(kevin3d) #7

The community is probably 80% of the reason I hang out here. Ton and his philosphies & the software is the rest.

(stephen2002) #8

this community is certaintly a lot nicer than some of the other communities.

Most of the topics I start on CG Talk usually gets no replys, or flame replies. Oh well…that dosn’t mean I stop trying :smiley:

(Dittohead) #9


we just raised $125,000 to save it. i think we are the best!!!

(rwv01) #10

I’ve always been impressed by the fast personal responses to my questions. I’ve received responses to questions before even ending my session! I also love the casual, non-elitist atmosphere of this community.
Thanks again to everyone for your invaulable help!

(doogs) #11

im just here to obsess over ton.



(The Lurker) #12

Who said that ??? LW 3D best community I don’t think so! I’ve been on the newtek boards but of snobs if you ask me. lower price tag??? Still too much for your ave. artist