The Blender Game Archive Updated

(saluk) #1

I have just opened the Blender Game Archive. I will be hosting as many blender games here as possible, old and new. There is only one game there at the moment, but I will start adding more to it as I have almost every single game on my computer. If you have any games you want to post there, mail me first. If possible, I would like to use external links to conserve space, but I will be moving it from angelfire pretty soon which will help some.

Here is the link:

It’s long, I know, but it will be changing once I move it and start working on it more. I’m not great with html/images, so don’t expect too much flash.

(erwin) #2

thanks for this file. There is also a version of gertwheels in a closed track with dynamic flashing lights and replay with different camera angles. Does anyone still has that one ?

(saluk) #3

Was it still called gertwheels? I vaguely remember something like what you mentioned, but I think it was called something else. I definately remember the replay, but not sure about the flashing lights. I look through my files when I get home.

(marxniffen) #4

Yay! A game page! :smiley:
All I have is a really stupid basketball game. Plus, I am working on a Jedi Knight game, and an ATAT game-don’t expect anything to come out of the ATAT one. It’s frame rate is around SIX!! And thats just with the one model!
Maybe I’ll be brave one day and show people it.
But if I ever create a game worth anything, I’ll upload it! :wink:


(saluk) #5

I have updated the archive with a few more racing games (most of them by rishern, his games ROCK!) as well as the little-remembered catch-me game. I will be updating with a few more games later this week, I want to try and post good games that were never uber-popular, and I want to focus on older games as opposed to newer games. Taking the screenshots was quite a chore, I tell you that.

I will start adding newer games though, don’t worry sara, I’ll add your games eventually:)


(Ben) #6

-All my games are here:

there’s an exe game too(BurnedArena).

Hey saluk! Do you have Celica racing(or something like this).

(saluk) #7

Haha, I probably have celica racing. I’ll look for it. I don’t really see a need to post your games on my site, as the idea is mostly for games that aren’t easily found other places which happen to still be on my harddrive. When I add a links section I’ll be sure to add your page though.

(LarsB) #8

Hi Saluk!

I made the catch me game. If you want to save web space you can link to my site
There is also another little game:

I think it would be a good idea to add links to the author’s pages.