The Blender Game Engine Kit

Is there, or should there be a Blender Game Engine Kit on GitHub or some other social coding site, where we could gather different player movement scripts, camera scripts, 2d filter shader scripts, and some .blend showing these and other things like customizable controller settings.

I’ve found very little focused on gamepads such as ps3/4 xbox controllers, something I would like to have myself and have made some progress.

who are interested to help this get going?

So for the next game you’re making or prototype, we could have a kit with some basics stuf to pick from and get game development going faster.

Just compiling a hyperlinked text file from the resources section would help, with descriptions and use cases for things, and step by step instruction how to use them.

Having a packaged zip of the “cream of the crop” with a toolbox to select them in engine would be nice.

Logic based switches

Control input mapping scripts-joystick, xbox, etc (rotate primitives that are used in copy rotation ik?)

That way choosing what the stick is driving is pretty easy, for 3rd person, also can you use a property as a value in the motion actuator?

Joystick---------and-----------rotate xAxis, Yaxis,0

So the joystick pushes properties that can then easily be mapped to controls?

Another important one, scenes set up for dynamic loading, unloading, that you do replace mesh on a cube for each section of map, and then move /tweek settings in the properties that come in the system.

Also a easy method to play a sound only on hard collisions would be nice, but I cant get access to getImpulseForce…

Hi @aermartin,

You have a nice idea! Indeed for game there are nothing like Blendswap, a kind of library with scripts, template, etc…
I’m with you for help, if you need.

Another idea- inventory manager system,

for all objects in a scene, render out 2d Uv atlas, for use in inventory screens? (picture of all game items that can be in inventory)

@BPR and Spirou4D Cool, let get this rolling. I can setup the GitHub and some folder structures, I would need to get in hold of some folks as who have amazing Custom 2d shaders I’ve gathered.

There’s a use case I was working on for a custom controller input configuration scene, here you can see just a super early test in BGE Im pretty new to bge itself.

my idea was though

  1. make a controller input scene, that uses that local storage to save the user settings
  2. make it modular, it is a own .blend scene so I can re-use it in many games, or test
  3. distribute it eventually so everyone can use it in their games if they want to, as a 5minute setup just copy that .blend from the blender game kit to your project, make it load the scene upon configuring and connect what inputs there are for your specific game.